What is self discipline? Is to make these two things to the extreme

 What is self discipline? Is to make these two things to the extreme

In the past, I always felt that life is short and we should have fun in time. We should have wine today and get drunk now. We should not be romantic and waste our youth.

Ones nature is hard to change. To be the master of ones own heart, one can only rely on self-discipline.

What is self-discipline?

Its the ability to do these two things to the extreme.

Do what you dont like but should do

Man is a very contradictory animal, strong inertia and great potential coexist in the body.

In the case of no pressure, people will become very lazy, procrastinate, muddle along, a very mediocre person.

After exerting certain pressure and compulsion, and constantly working towards a goal, human potential will be stimulated, showing the place different from ordinary people.

Therefore, to achieve self-discipline, the key is to do something that you are not willing to do but beneficial to yourself every day, so as to sharpen and regulate your mind.

In other words, you have to force yourself into a state often.

In this way, you wont feel the pain of what you really need to do.

Xu Pu, a great scholar in the Ming Dynasty, was gifted and intelligent since he was young and studied hard.

When Xu Pu was a teenager in a private school, his teacher once found that he often took out a small book from his pocket and thought it was a childs plaything. Later, he found out that it was a classic Confucian quotation copied by himself. He was very appreciative.

Xu Pu also imitated the ancients and constantly reflected on his words and deeds. He put two bottles on his desk, containing black beans and soybeans respectively.

Whenever there is a good idea, a good word and a good deed in my heart, I throw a soybean into the bottle.

On the contrary, if you have any bad thoughts in your heart and your words and deeds have any mistakes, you will throw a black bean.

At the beginning, there were more black beans and less soybeans, so he constantly reflected and encouraged himself.

Gradually, the number of soybeans and black beans was equal, and he continued his efforts to be more strict with himself.

How can there be so many willing and happy things in the world?

The more useful things are, the more uncomfortable they are.

This is the weakness of human nature.

In this regard, Wang Yangming and Zeng Guofan advocated: bite your teeth and do it!

People must force themselves in order to exert their potential talents and wisdom incisively and vividly.

Only pay more efforts and efforts than others, in a forced temper, slowly clear their bad habits, in order to restore the original brightness of the heart.

Therefore, do more things you dont like but should do, you can achieve unexpected accomplishments and success.

Dont do what you like but shouldnt do

People need to have a self-examination heart, in order to restrain their own desire; to restrain their own desire, in order to achieve themselves.

The ultimate height of a person depends on the height of self-demand, which is certain.

It is the best self-discipline to have high self-discipline and do it strictly.

Wang Tingxiang told a story to his subordinate Zhang Han when he was the governor of the left capital of the inspection yuan.

It rained yesterday when I was in the sedan chair. One of the sedan bearers was wearing a pair of new shoes. At the beginning, he was careful to walk in a quiet place, for fear that his shoes would be stained by stepping into the water pit. After a while, he inevitably stepped into the mud pit, and from then on he did not care about his new shoes, and he did not care about any dirty soup or muddy water. The reason is that when the sedan chair bearers shoes are new, they just want to take good care of them. Once you step into the mud pit, the psychology of broken pot will appear. Anyway, the shoes are dirty, so you dont have to be careful.

Wang Tingxiang sighed: the way to live in the body is still the ear. If you miss, you will be everywhere.

Why do we all know the importance of self-discipline, but in reality, few people can do it? Because self discipline means you have to give up, give up your preferences, give up your inertia.

If you want to maintain a perfect body shape and healthy body, you must say goodbye to junk food; if you want to become a Xueba and get a scholarship, you cant play games, fall in love and talk on the phone in the middle of the night; if you want to have your own career, you must study your own fields of interest in your spare time, and refuse unprofitable social gatherings.

Only by doing the above two things can a man truly exercise self-discipline and achieve the lofty realm of following ones heart without exceeding the rules.

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