When you are middle-aged, remember to clear these people out of your life circle and dont waste your life

 When you are middle-aged, remember to clear these people out of your life circle and dont waste your life

For example, in the matter of making friends, when we are teenagers, we can make friends without discrimination and expand our interpersonal circle. However, after middle age, we must give up ineffective social intercourse and clear up the circle of friends of those who are not helpful to us.

Another example, in the treatment of family, love and other issues, we must have our own principles and bottom line.

You must remember that the more friends you have, the more you have, the better you should not contact any more meaningless people.

fair-weather friends

We always say, love this thing, like icing on the cake, do not like to help in time of crisis, but in fact, friendship is more so.

People may have many friends in this life, but only when the disaster comes, you can see who is the real friend and who is the friend of wine and meat.

Gao Yuanyuan, for example, has always been inseparable. On Huang Haibos birthday this year, he also appeared with a big cake, which made him cry several times.

Shen Congwen said: great sorrow and great joy to see themselves, big ups and downs to see friends.

When you are in a high position and have unlimited scenery, many people around you may be good friends. Only those who are willing to be with you when you are down and down are true friends.

A friend in need is a friend in need. Those who helped you when you were in trouble, please cherish them. Those who hide far away when you are in trouble must clear them out of their circle of friends. Its not worth wasting your precious life for such a person.

Friends who come only for profit

In the communication of adults, the exchange of interests is a very important reason, which we must realize clearly. However, we also need to know that peoples communication can not only have interests.

There must be such friends around us. When something is asked of you, he will be very attentive, and even say a lot of compliments to you. But when you have no use value, he will ignore you.

I received such a call yesterday. I was stunned for several seconds when the other party said his name. I knew this person, but I still had contacts when I asked me to do business. When I finished, I began to pretend that I didnt know me, and even deleted my contact information. This time, because I had something to ask for, I came to me and called it we are all friends. We need to help each other..

I dont know how a person with such thick skin can say such disgusting words with such a big voice. This kind of person has no moral bottom line. In his eyes, he has the greatest interests.

Therefore, as an adult, we must thoroughly clean such people out of their circle of friends. Just like me, we should thoroughly blackmail them. Dont be embarrassed by face and other reasons. After all, not everyone can be called a friend.

Jealous relatives

Do not know if you have found a very strange thing, many times, can not see you, often is your close relatives and friends.

These people seem to be related to you, very close, and they are always asking for help. But in fact, they dont want you to be better than him in their heart, so they always say sour words and sarcastic words to make you uncomfortable.

In short, it is necessary to press your head so that you can feel comfortable.

Its very sad to think about it, but I think that as an adult, we have to face such a bloody reality. As keigo toyno said, there are two things in the world that cant be looked at directly. One is the sun, the other is the human heart.

When you accept such a reality, you will be able to be more calm about human feelings, and will no longer have any unnecessary expectations and Fantasies for meaningless people.

Of course, we can also learn some lessons from these people. We should always tell ourselves that to be a pure and good person in heart, we should not be afraid of others, and it is more important to live our own life well than anything else.

You must know that jealousy does not hurt other people, but yourself, because you will forget to work hard, lose your original intention, become impatient, and no longer have the possibility of success.

Of course, its the same with people who are jealous of you. You dont need to care. Just stay away.

I want to have sex with you

What is a midlife crisis? When people reach a certain age, they may experience various barriers and crises such as career, health, family and marriage.

In such a state, many people want to seek a little stimulation, but also can not resist the temptation in life.

Just like the hit 30 a few days ago, Gu Jia is so good, Xu Huashan will still be attracted by Lin youyou. In fact, he doesnt really want to divorce, but Lin youyou gives him a fresh feeling, which makes him irresistible.

This is the current situation of many middle-aged couples. Its not that the wife is bad. The woman outside is not as good as his wife anywhere, but he cant control the novelty.

When you really get divorced and get married with Xiao San, you will find that it is better to be married originally. Emotional problems can not be solved by changing people. Only by doing a good job can we go through the seven-year itch and carry all the temptations.

Well, the best way to make your marriage less dangerous is to keep a distance from your heterosexual friends, especially those who want to have an affair with you.

There are a lot of videos on how to refuse green tea on the Internet. I think if all men can do this, its not only respect for their partners, but also protect themselves.

Do not go to irreparable point, just regret.

When people reach middle age, they must learn to subtract from their own lives, abandon those who are useless to them, give up ineffective social intercourse and live a minimalist life.

Only in this way, you can put all your energy into a good life, and your life will flourish.