When you are middle-aged, you have to find a job no matter how bad you are. You should do three things and dont do them. Cherish yourself

 When you are middle-aged, you have to find a job no matter how bad you are. You should do three things and dont do them. Cherish yourself

When people are laid off in middle age, if they dont have a company to employ them, no matter how bad they get, dont get sick at home. We must find a job. However, we should adhere to the principle of three dos and three dontt do it. We should cherish ourselves and support our family more solidly.

We should all understand the hardships of this group of middle-aged people. When they were young, they had low wages, high intensity and were generally poor in health. By the age of 50 or 60, there is no unit that will employ them. Even if looking for individual force to live, are repudiated dazzling hand stupid. Many middle-aged and elderly people can only do those jobs that damage their health and occupational health. Young people are not willing to do it. Instead, they recruit those middle-aged and old people, forcing them to work hard with young people, and soon they are exhausted. In middle age, good health is the greatest capital. We must find jobs within our ability, such as security, guard, warehouse management, tally, cleaning, sanitation and other jobs that young people dislike. Although the salary is very low, the time is stable and the intensity is not great. It can shelter from the wind and rain and not be too tired. Never do heavy physical labor, not to engage in dangerous work, tired of a disease, not only their own quality of life is not high, but also drag their families and children.

u30102u3011 We should do the work of social security, not the work of not paying social security.

u30103u3011 We should do long-term and stable work, and do not go out to work as a vagrant.

When people are middle-aged, they do not have the skills required by the market. Their past experience and skills have also been eliminated in big cities, but there is still a little market in some remote areas. Some middle-aged and old people are nostalgic about their own technology, so they go out to work if they cant find a job in the city. They will go where they need it, which is not long-term and unstable. The middle-aged and the elderly should enjoy their grandchildren in their warm homes. However, some of them are under great economic pressure and have to leave their hometown and work everywhere. Even when they are 50 or 60 years old, they still go wandering. When they are sick, they have no one to take care of them. When they are tired, they dont have a cup of water. They also worry about their families. When you are middle-aged, you can find a simple job near your home. Its better to be stable for a long time. Even if the salary is lower, it should be relatively stable. You can take care of the family and be taken care of by the family. Dont go to other places to work. In addition, the cost of travelling, renting a house, seeing a doctor and taking medicine are not cost-effective.