Liang Zhaoweis letter of apology to Carina Lau was exposed 30 years later: these six words kill all green tea

 Liang Zhaoweis letter of apology to Carina Lau was exposed 30 years later: these six words kill all green tea

In those days, when she and Liang were together, many people felt that they were incompatible.

Whats more, the on-screen couple image of Liang Chaowei and Maggie Cheung is so popular that even Liang himself says that if he makes a kiss, he will find Maggie Cheung.

But over the years, they have found the best marriage for themselves.

But always melancholy Liang Chaowei said: now I feel happy, because Carina Lau is around.

What is the secret of their marriage?

The premise of harmony between husband and wife

Its two independent people who know how to accept

Carina Lau is a very high degree of self acceptance of others.

Host Venus once asked her: I heard you have 800 million assets?

Carina Lau denied: I am more than 800 million, my whole person is priceless.

Venus asked: what do you think of the story of Liang Chaowei and Zhang Manyu?

Carina Lau is very calm: I know so much, is a beautiful story.

Reflecting on others, they are particularly tolerant and know how to weigh each other well and find the space suitable for both sides.

As we all know, Liang Chaowei is a drama buff, often stuck in the role.

Liang often cries at home because he cant get out of the role. Most of the time, he is immersed in the twisted, horrible and dark role. The whole person is black, dry and thin. Imagine how his wife meets such a husband?

But Carina Lau was very happy: very good, after a period of time another person falls in love.

This is true of Carina Lau and so is Liang Chaowei. She always focuses on herself and understands the true meaning of acceptance.

Now, Carina Lau is a great lady.

However, few people know that many years ago, Carina Lau also met with the darkness of the world, and once couldnt think of it.

In 1990, Carina Lau was kidnapped by the underworld, and was released two hours later. Carina Lau automatically called the police, saying that the kidnappers molested her with language and pinched her neck. In addition, there was no unnecessary action.

She tried her best to cover up the wound that she wanted to heal, and was exposed wantonly. It is well known to the world that we can hardly imagine the suffering of Carina Lau.

Fortunately, Liang Chaowei always accompanied him: this circle is so complicated, lets leave. Where you want to go, I will accompany you there.

A sense of security comes from the heart.

East Weeklys behavior quickly aroused public indignation. Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Zhang Guorong and other artists spontaneously organized demonstrations to protest against the immoral behavior of unscrupulous media. Everyone encouraged Carina Lau to come forward.

At the last moment, Carina Lau stood up: the person in the photo is me, but I have not been violated.

Years later, Carina Lau recalled: I stood up and my whole life changed.

Carina Lau and Tony Leung have different personalities.

But in essence, they are always people who look at themselves, accept themselves and accept each other.

On the contrary, Gu Jias perfectionism is in fact a refusal to accept with a breath in her heart.

If you dont accept yourself, you dont cry for pain and dew. If you dont accept your husband, you will try your best to support your husbands career. If you dont accept your son, you will force your child to horse riding regardless of the childs interest.

Similarly, Xu Huashan is also a husband who does not know how to accept.

He doesnt accept the real self who loves to design, nor the perfect wife who can compete with reality.

Because, each other does not accept, already let the marriage appear precarious crack.


The truth of happy marriage

It is the tolerance and adjustment of two receptive people

A marriage is when two independent people come together.

Acceptance can keep a harmonious relationship between husband and wife.

Many people say that the taboo of marriage is to let the other party change for themselves.

It is well known that Carina Lau tolerated Liang Chaowei.

After all, who can stand the hostess, home decoration, husband carrying a box to travel, light floating a sentence: loaded call me.

Naturally, I cant stand a family going out to have a wedding reception. My husband, who doesnt understand the world at all, is not willing to drink a glass of wine.

Carina Lau has a habit of cleanliness, but Liang Chaowei is very untidy. Every time she comes home, she lies in bed directly. Carina Lau is very nervous every time. She has a hundred plots in her mind: where did his trousers sit outside, how much dust will it bring?

Of course, they are all trivial things, but the volcanic eruptions of families are all accumulated by small things.

To this end, Carina Lau chose to use a toilet each, eyes can not see for clean, mutual interference, to solve this problem.

Carina Lau didnt ask Liang to cater to her own cleanliness habit;

On the contrary, Liang Chaowei unconsciously began to learn how to tidy up the bathroom and slowly enjoyed the feeling of being clean and tidy.

In fact, Liang Chao Wei was also patient with Carina Lau and adjusted himself a little bit.

It is said that Liang Chaowei went to buy vegetables when Carina Lau went climbing.

Liang Chaowei hardly participates in the social intercourse of Carina Lau, but he adjusts a little bit:

Im really lonely and silent, and I dont have many friends. She can just help me balance. Sometimes you are lonely for too long, and you want to have a little bit of excitement. Sometimes there is a party with so many people in a long time. I think its very happy and fun.

Carina Lau once said: a long marriage must be mutual patience.

Its like Zhao Jingyu in thirty.

As Liang Zhengxians girlfriend for seven years, her relatives and friends all recognize her as a wife. She has always been patient with each others sexual encounters one after another, and she is patient that the other party regards her as a retreat.

Only forget, mutual patience.

You need me to bear with you. Do you give me patience?

Liang Zhengxian has never had it, which has led to the sad relationship from the beginning to the end. In the end, even Zhao Jingyu felt pitiful: I didnt want to give up this relationship. I dont know how to face my life.

In marriage, you have endured the bad habit of throwing socks; he has tolerated your habit of over cleaning;

Marriage, in these mutual subtle changes, more and more consolidated.

Marriage is a practice

Hand in hand to spend can be perfect

There is a steady stream of practice in life, and marriage is the most difficult way to go.

We are all looking forward to a feeling of willing to be a man of one heart, white head not separated, but in addition to hope, we need both husband and wife to work together to overcome the long suffering of chicken feathers.

The marriage between Carina Lau and Leung Chiu Wai is bound to have something we cant see.

First, freedom of marriage.

As if Carina Lau didnt control Liang Chaowei and gave him enough freedom: if he likes Maggie Cheung, Im happy too.

As Fu Seoul said: the best marriage is that he has the right to get out of the car at any time, but he does not leave.

Second, accept yourself and the other.

As if Carina Lau felt that she was a priceless treasure and recognized her husbands artistic pursuit which was almost isolated from life.

Just like Liang Chaowei, who accepted the drama maniac himself, he also appreciated his wifes lively worldliness.

Whats more, its patience to adjust yourself.

Just like Carina Laus joy when talking about Liang Chaowei handwritten all kinds of apology and love cards for her, there are only six words on the card: sorry, Im wrong.

Its just like Liang Zhaoweis satisfaction when he talks about she supports me silently, so I can make a good film.

Of course, these are not achieved overnight. Time and love eventually make the injured Carina Lau grow into a confident and tolerant wife.

Let Liang Chaowei, who does not eat peoples fireworks, grow into a romantic and responsible husband.

Everyone is equal before marriage.