Daughter he Chaoxin forms a 100 billion womens group? King of gamblers four too response: just play

 Daughter he Chaoxin forms a 100 billion womens group? King of gamblers four too response: just play

As for the daughters entry into the circle, the four Tai respondents responded with a green light for her daughter. This is the first family interview after gambling kings funeral. In the interview, she was asked whether he Chaoxin would join the circle. She said with a smile: they are just playing. Her daughter is working in Shanghai for the summer vacation and has not finished reading. Four too frankly, the daughter wants to enter the circle, she will not manage her daughter, in principle, he Chaoxin read a good book, then free to develop.

It is reported that 21-year-old he Chaoxin has been praised by the king of gamblers as gorgeous. She has been used to big scenes with her parents since she was a child, and she has never lost her aura to first-line actresses. He Chaoxin once accompanied his brother, he Youjun, to participate in a reality show. His overall performance is commendable, and he is fully qualified to be a star. In addition, he Chaoxin also has resources in the entertainment industry, such as Chen Yuang, whose father, Chen Kaige, is a big director, and his position in the entertainment industry is beyond doubt.

Among the seventeen children of the king of gamblers, only he Chaoyi has entered the performing arts circle. After all, he chaoqiong and he Chaofeng are capable people in the second room, so he Chaoyi cant be used to worry about family affairs. However, Sifang is different. She is very strict with her children. He Youjun and he Chaoxin have been trained into young talents, so they are more likely to take over their duties in the future.

Whats more, she said that he Chaoxin went to Shanghai to work in the summer vacation. The Shangjia center in Shanghai is the property under the name of Sipai. It was also the venue for ho you Jun to propose to Xi Mengyao. It seems that he Chaoxin was arranged to adapt to his own enterprise in advance.

In this interview, she was eager to protect her sons son. It was reported that she had acted as a matchmaker to introduce Yao Anna to you Jun. she immediately denied clarifying the scandal for her son: there is nothing like this. Dont say so. She is a good friend of my children (children). Everyone has the freedom to know friends, so I dont need to introduce her. If you want to see her mother-in-laws response, Xi Mengyao will praise it. After all, such EQ is too high.

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