No danger? Shanghai index V-shaped reversal to keep stable 3300 netizens: rising in suspicion

 No danger? Shanghai index V-shaped reversal to keep stable 3300 netizens: rising in suspicion

The trading volume of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges exceeded trillion yuan within the day, which had exceeded trillion yuan for ten consecutive trading days.

Sentiment recovered, airport shipping sector strengthened

Airport shipping plate led the two cities, todays leading shipping stocks are first-line aviation stocks, such as China Eastern Airlines, Air China, China Southern Airlines, etc. Western Securities believes that the domestic flight volume of the first-line hub airport in August will basically return to normal level.

Military industry, gold plate plummeted

Due to the record sharp drop in gold and silver last night, precious metal plate fell significantly today. Many gold stocks touched the limit in the trading session, and Chifeng gold closed down. Shengda resources and CICC gold fell more than 8%.

Hong Kong shares closed up 1.42%

Financial and real estate boom

The Hang Seng Index recently bottomed out, turned red in the afternoon, and finally closed up 1.42%, up more than 550 points from the intraday low.

Among them, Hong Kong real estate, banking stocks support the index. HSBC Holdings rose more than 4%, contributing nearly 80 points, Hang Seng Bank rose more than 5%, Changshi group rose more than 4%, Bank of China Hong Kong rose more than 3%, and AIA rose 3%.

After the closing, Tencent Holdings (00700. HK) announced its second quarter results, with revenue of 114.883 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 29%, and online game revenue increased by 40% to 38.288 billion yuan.

For todays market, netizens joked: rise in suspicion, die in madness. todays decline has no amount. It can only be said that the market deliberately creates panic and washes out some unstable profit margins

Some netizens expressed their feelings with pictures: didnt you just lose money yesterday? Why are you losing money today

The structural bull market pattern remains unchanged

Due to the huge market volatility today, there was a sharp drop in the session. Many people worry that the bull market may be over.

Hou Yanjun, general manager of Houshi Tiancheng fund, said that from a technical point of view, the bull market is still there, but we all understand that this round of bull market is a liquidity bull market, so violent shocks are inevitable. At the same time, it is rumored that the regulator sent an inquiry letter to the institutions asking about the manipulation of financial stocks. Today, it also announced the plan of the new contract tax law.

Hong Rong also said that the bull market can not be said to be over, this wave of decline is profit taking after the adjustment, after all, many stocks in July rose more. At this time, we should pay attention to the big financial sector. The growth rate is not big. For example, banks, insurance and real estate, including the construction stocks with Chinese characters, have little room to fall. Therefore, there is a small V-shaped reversal today, including Hong Kong stocks.

Plus, if the economy is expected to improve, these performance backed stocks, including cyclical stocks, will be favored by funds. For some growth stocks with a relatively large increase in the early stage, there may be some pressure when the economy is better.

Qinghequan capital pointed out that there is a need to adjust and start again in the short-term market. First, the market has been significantly restored after a series of large rises. Second, although the current policy has not changed, the pattern of money credit points to the relatively stable stage of money and credit. Third, there is a balanced demand in the market structure, which is mainly affected by the improvement of the epidemic situation and economic recovery.

Fujian Tianxin believes that the overall profit-making effect of the market on Wednesday is not very good. If there is no protection of financial stocks, the performance of the index must be relatively ugly. Although the formation of the K line with a shadow line, it seems that the strength of the protection is relatively large. However, under the premise that the daily line level consolidation form is still very obvious, the probability of market continuous backdraft is relatively small, which needs to be repaired. It is expected that the market will focus on the repair of daily line level technology form on Thursday.

Comprehensive analysis shows that the market capital carrying capacity is OK, the index has a strong short-term operation protection, and the stocks are still in the high-low switching state as a whole. Operation, or to control the position for the time being, heavy + rising stocks sell while rising, light positions continue to focus on undervalued, stagflation type varieties.

Extended reading of non Sunshine Business reveals that case in case GDBs claim of 300 million yuan has been rejected by the final adjudication and Indias provocation! Huawei and ZTE are to be banned from participating in 5g construction. Two companies respond to the Grain Bureau: the cumulative purchase of wheat in the main production area has decreased by nearly 10 million tons on a year-on-year basis. Source: Netease Financial Editor: Yang Qian_ NF4425