The weakest IPO in 2020: only 13percent increase in opening price

 The weakest IPO in 2020: only 13percent increase in opening price

However, Shijia Photonics (688313), which landed on the scientific innovation board with Kasai biology, rose 269.04%.

Prior to that, 78 new shares had landed on the science and technology innovation board during the year, with an average increase of 218% on the first day of listing, and the lowest performing new shares also increased by 39.36%. In the non sci tech innovation board, except for Beijing Shanghai high-speed rail (601816), which rose 38% on the first day, all other new shares closed up 44% on the first day of listing.

Why is it rare to say that a 17% rise on the first day is rare in the A-share market?

It is worth mentioning that on July 9, GuoDun quantum (688027), which is known as the first stock of quantum communication, went public on the science and technology innovation board, with a substantial opening of 673.9%. It went up all the way in the afternoon, and soared to 399 yuan / share in the afternoon, which was more than 1002.8% higher than the issuance price (36.18 yuan). As of the closing, the increase was still at 923.9%.

In addition, Aibo medical, tianzhihang-u and Dongfang biological Co., Ltd. followed closely, with a sharp rise of 616.84%, 614.29% and 586.96% on the first day of listing respectively.

Driven by the stock price, the profit-making effect of new shares on the science and technology innovation board has been magnified to the extreme.

With a single day increase of 10 times and the highest profit of China first lot (500 shares) reached 181410 yuan, GuoDun quantum broke two records of the largest increase on the first day of listing on the science and technology innovation board and the highest profit of winning lots.

In addition to GuoDun quantum, there were three new shares of the science and technology innovation board with a profit of more than 100000 yuan in the first batch of the year, namely, 141800 yuan of Yunyong technology, 128200 yuan of Aibo medical, and 115300 yuan of cambrian-u.

At the same time, two new shares with A-share earnings of more than 200000 yuan were also born this year. Among them, the profit of Kanghua biological Co., Ltd. signed by China first group Co., Ltd. can reach 294800 yuan, and the profit of Ganli Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. of China No.1 contract also reaches 204700 yuan.

New bio based material unicorn falling into the altar?

Kasai bio, with a market value of 60 billion, is also inseparable from the story of wind outlet and imaginative space. The unit is regarded by the market as a new bio based material unicorn.

The main products of Casa bio are long chain dicarboxylic acid series products. Generally speaking, the long-chain dicarboxylic acid needs chemical production and synthesis. The synthesized products can be used to synthesize a series of high value-added special chemicals such as spices, drugs, special nylon, etc., which can be used in daily life, such as clothing, food, housing, transportation and medicine. It is an extremely important fine chemical raw material.

The raw material production technology of this special chemical is mastered by a few foreign companies. After 20 years of R & D investment and technology accumulation, Kasai bio has become a company breaking through the trade barriers of polyamide industry chain.

At present, Kasai biological has been commercialized. Its main products are bio based polyamide industry chain and raw materials for bio Based Polyamide production, including DC12 (lauric acid), dc13 (Brazilian acid) and other biological long-chain dicarboxylic acid series products and biogenic glutaric diamine, which is the worlds leading large-scale production of new materials using biological manufacturing technology One of the enterprises.

According to the prospectus, biological long-chain dicarboxylic acid is the main source of revenue, accounting for 99% of its revenue in 2019. In addition, in the lauric acid (DC12) market, Kasai biological has accounted for more than 90% of the global share. This is also interpreted by the industry as occupying an absolute market share advantage, and there may be more pricing discourse in the future.

In terms of performance, the performance has been relatively stable in recent three years. In 2019, Casa bio will achieve an operating income of 1.916 billion yuan and a net profit of 479 million yuan.

However, under the background of the outstanding profit-making effect of new shares, the first day performance of Kasai biology may disappoint the winning investors.

Throughout this years listing of new shares, as long as the word biological, most of the stock prices are free of suspense. Therefore, before the listing of Kasai biology, many investors are also looking forward to winning the first lot to earn 100000 yuan.

This time, the IPO price of Kasai biology was 133.45 yuan, and the amount of one lot was 66700 yuan. Therefore, even if the stock price only increased by 23.55 yuan, the floating profit of investors could reach 11800 yuan, but there was still a big gap from the dream of 100000 yuan.

It is worth mentioning that on August 13, kangxinuo, known as the first stock of new coronal vaccine, will also officially land on the science and technology innovation board. The issue price of the stock is 209.71 yuan / share, which is the second highest price stock on the science and technology innovation board. Based on the issue price, the companys total market value reached 50 billion yuan when the market opened on the science and technology innovation board.

Since the beginning of this year, the secondary market performance of Connaught Hong Kong stock has also been outstanding, with a sharp rise of 252.5% so far this year, with the highest growth rate of more than 600%.

As a novel coronavirus vaccine, the contestant announced in June 29th that the new recombinant coronavirus vaccine (Ad5-nCoV) produced by the company has been awarded the army special drug approval issued by the Health Bureau of the Central Military Commission, which is valid for one year. This vaccine is allowed to be used in the army, which proves the efficacy of the vaccine.

Recently, it was also reported that the Mexican government and the Ministry of health of Saudi Arabia announced that they would start the third phase clinical trial of the new coronal vaccine with Chinas consino company.

Kangxinuo is not only expected by the market, but also regarded as a big meat stick by investors. As long as it rises 100% on the first day of listing, investors can earn more than 100000 yuan.

At present, the average increase of Sinochem (Sinochem) Co., Ltd. is up to RMB 0.216 million on average.