She once called Biden the worst, but now she has become Bidens running mate

 She once called Biden the worst, but now she has become Bidens running mate

She is 55 years old. Her father is an American of Jamaican origin and her mother is a Tamil immigrant from India, so she has both African and Indian ancestry.

She graduated from hastin School of law at the University of California to work in California. She successively served as Deputy Prosecutor of Alameda County, management lawyer of the occupational crime division of the San Francisco City prosecutors office, and director of the community and neighborhood relations office of the citys attorney general.

In 2003, he was elected as the prosecutor of jiujinshan District, and the official Chinese name he Jinli was given at this time. It is rare in American politics that a politician who is neither of Chinese origin nor engaged in Sino US relations but has an official Chinese name.

In 2010, she was elected California Attorney General, becoming the first woman and first African American to take up the post.

In 2016, California Democratic Party Senator boxer retired, and he Jinli announced her candidacy and success, becoming the first Indian and second African American female senator in the history of the US Senate.

He Jinli won the one month vice presidential election.

The committee is all about Bidens old, confidants, and half of them are women, so it is widely believed that the winner must be a woman of African descent. He Jinlis winning also confirmed this point.

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Trump comments on Harris: she is more hateful than Biden (source: original)

However, he Jinli was not the most popular in peoples mind for a long time.

Before the Freud incident on May 25 caused African Americans to be agitated, it seems that Elizabeth Warren, who also participated in the primary election of the Democratic Partys presidential candidate, was the most vocal candidate.

At that time, the ambitious left wing of the democratic party wanted to select a reliable spokesman.

But the Freud incident inadvertently turned Warrens popularity cold: she was female, but not black, and ran for election not flattering..

Since then, the most popular candidates have been almost all African American women, including Susan Rice, former national security adviser of the Obama administration; val demins, a federal representative; Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan; and Karen bass, the federal representative and chairman of the Black Caucus (CBC) in Congress.

These people selected, demins always half red, not black..

Second, she was a former Orlando police chief, and at a time when the Democratic Partys core supporters are still angry with the police, it is tantamount to dismissing her partner, Biden.

Whitmer became popular at the last minute because Biden needs a partner with local administrative experience, and Whitmer is the only suitable candidate, and her state of Michigan is one of the key states that the Democratic Party must fight for.

However, as Bidens advantage in Michigan tends to be stable, Whitmers urgent need has dropped sharply, and her weak sense of presence in the national scope has been highlighted.

Rice and bass have been popular all the time. Their defeat should reflect the key decision of Biden and his selection team -- what kind of signal should be sent to the Democratic core voters, especially the colored people, through the selection of vice presidential candidates.

Rice and bass respectively represent the interests of the two major factions in the Democratic Party.

Rice is an elite in the traditional political arena and the old red man in the Obama administration. In her political color, the color of African American spokesman is weak, and the political tendency is moderate or even conservative.

If she is chosen, the partys institutional constituencies and swing voters will be happy, but the so-called progressives may not buy it.

Buss, on the contrary, has always appeared as a progressive and an African American spokesman in both the party and Congress.

If she is chosen, the increasingly powerful progressives in the Democratic Party will be jubilant, and African Americans will also be inspired. However, some people worry that her too clear political position may play a counter role of driving fish for the source and driving birds for the Bush, scaring away a large number of middle-aged voters.

Compared with these two people, he Jinli is neither so left - her political and economic views are biased towards traditional liberals, and she can often co sign bills with Republican colleagues in Congress; nor is she so right - she is the co sponsor of this springs police reform legislation proposal, and she never evades the protection of womens and ethnic minorities rights and interests.

This means that choosing her can make the best of both sides and successfully avoid Trumps red hat trick.

Because of this, although a few days ago came out that the Dodd committee did not recommend the selection of he Jinli, she was still the winner.

After the news came out, bass and Rice said for the first time, this is the best choice..

Even Lindsey Graham, a well-known conservative Republican senator with close ties to trump, once said, although this will upset us, we must recognize that he Jinli is the best partner that Biden can choose..

Can she be Bidens tongue

As a matter of fact, the Internet once heard that Bidens selection team is dissatisfied, which is not for nothing.

Whats more, there was a dramatic scene of three women generals bombing Biden in turn in the Democratic Party during the partys presidential primary election for more than half a year last year.

He Jinli, who is known for her eloquence and eloquence, has become one of the three female generals (he Jinli, Warren and Lu Tianna, namely Gilbert Kirsten gilliband) who scolds Biden most harshly and lasts the longest time.

Although some argue that she worked happily with beau Biden in California, the partys primary is unlikely to be uncovered soon.

Whats more, it would be extremely embarrassing if the Republican Party would broadcast a video of he Jinlis abuse of Biden last year?

There is a story about two wives of Chu people in Qin CE Yi of Warring States. It is said that a man of Chu married two wives, one big and one young. A tenant teased them privately. The older one swore and the younger one was ambiguous.

Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why Biden team ignored the past and chose brocade he.

Biden is known for his poor eloquence and slow response, which trump and his team know well.

In a sense, the response measures triggered by the epidemic have greatly reduced the density of campaign campaigns, which objectively benefits Biden, who is not good at words.

However, this year is the year of presidential election after all, and it can not be said that it is always free from war.

Even if there is no epidemic, there is only one direct TV debate among the vice presidential candidates.

Nevertheless, with the three-month countdown to the election polling day, the young and eloquent he Jinli, who is famous for her eloquence, may become Bidens tongue to some extent, so as to avoid Biden from losing too many points on his own short board.

Previously reported:

According to Fox News on the 11th, shortly after Biden announced his running mate in the 2020 U.S. election, trump talked about it at a White House press conference, Im a little surprised, because Harris performed very badly in the Democratic primary, and her support rate was only 2% when she finished her campaign..