Happy town

 Happy town

The picture shows Huang Bai yinchulu, a villager of Huaxiang town in yilelit. (Photo by Duan Xingyu)

Huang Bai yinchulu, 68, is busy shaking a leaf fan to drive away flies and insects in front of his fruit stand in the hot sun, and occasionally looks at his little grandson sleeping on his sightseeing bike. Huang Bai yinchulu, with a happy smile on her face, is very satisfied with her present life. When he met reporters, he said most of all, thank the government..

Huang Bai yinchulu was a famous carpenter in the village when he was young. He was also the main source of income for his family. A few years ago, he had three fingers of his left hand crushed by a hay cutter, fine carpentry cant be done. The family can only make a living by farming, and their income is unstable. Thanks to the government, Huaxiang special town was built four years ago. In the past, I can take care of my grandson and make less money than I used to

The Flower Town in Lukou of Huangbai Yinchu has brought vitality to yilelit, increased the income of villagers and changed their appearance.

A few years ago, there were 1872 people in 552 households in Gacha, of which 184 people from 90 households were poor households. Most of the villagers can only make a living by farming. However, yilelitegacha is short of arable land, with only more than 3 mu per capita and less than 5 mu of paddy field, so the living standard of most local people can only reach food and clothing.

In 2015, the per capita annual income of Gacha was only 7500 yuan. In 2019, the per capita income of villagers exceeded 18500 yuan, double that of four years ago. The annual increase in income has made the villagers more energetic. The villagers, who used to live on farming, now run a variety of shops: natural agricultural products stalls, sightseeing bicycles, milk tea houses and handicraft shops These characteristic tourism industries of Huaxiang town not only provide tourists with more choices, but also significantly improve the quality of life of local villagers.

In the interview, villagers have said that Gacha has changed a lot in recent years. In the past, neighbors used to kill time by playing cards and chatting. Now, each family has its own business. They are busy receiving tourists all day long, hoping that they can spend more than a few hours a day. The villagers take on a new look and become another beautiful scenery of Huaxiang town.

It is necessary to organically combine poverty alleviation and Rural Revitalization Strategy, promote industrial prosperity, ecological livability, rural civilization, effective governance and affluence in rural and pastoral areas, and comprehensively build the living homes of farmers and herdsmen.. The flowers of happiness have taken root in yilelit Flower Town, and the fragrance of flowers has attracted happiness.