The end of the contract of flight: Ren Yunjie witnesses the growth in midsummer

 The end of the contract of flight: Ren Yunjie witnesses the growth in midsummer

Although it is the villain set in the play, Ren Yunjies wonderful acting skills have been highly praised by netizens, and various topics about him have been emerging in endlessly, such as anti season dressing, which adds a lot of sprouting points to his seemingly cool and rational image. Chen Tians infatuation with Yu Xiaoyu in the ending drama also witnessed a series of experiences in the human world After the incident, his growth and transformation.

For fans and audiences who like Ren Yunjie, this is not only Chen Tians change, but also witness the great progress of actor Ren Yunjie this summer. Ren Yunjie, who stepped into the performing arts circle with happy family, has honed his acting skills in two years performance experience, bringing surprises again and again. In addition to the play, he also appeared in the hit Jinxiu South Song. Shen Fengs younger brother and Chen Tian coach once opened the double screen mode.

As a new actor, I will cherish the opportunity to play every role and every opportunity to cooperate with excellent actors. Speaking of himself, Ren Yunjie said humbly that the contract of flight is also a work of great significance to himself. The special theme and the role setting with strong personality color are challenges to him. Now, with the end of the play, Chen Tian has been recognized by many audiences, and he is very happy.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Yang Ming_ NV5736