Luo Bingqian, a suspect in the drowning case of Li Xincao, a female college student, is prosecuted

 Luo Bingqian, a suspect in the drowning case of Li Xincao, a female college student, is prosecuted

Thirty five days after Li Xincao, a sophomore of Yunnan University of technology, died in Longjiang after drinking alcohol, the Kunming Public Security Bureau reported in the evening of October 14 that a special group headed by the deputy director in charge of Kunming Public Security Bureau was set up to investigate Li Xincaos death.

A few hours later, Li Xincaos last roommate Ren (female), Rens friends Luo Xueqian (male) and Li Xiaohao (male) had a face-to-face conversation with Li Xincaos family members at the police station. The family members recorded the conversation between the two sides.

On September 15, when the family members who could not accept the fact that Li Xincao died were transferred to the bar monitoring video, they found that Li Xincao was suspected of being molested and slapped by Luo. They filmed the video. On October 10, Chen Meilian posted the video to her microblog, which quickly attracted netizens attention.

On October 13, surging news checked the video data on the night of Li Xincao incident through authoritative channels. It was found that from 19:41 to 23:03 on September 8, four people successively went to three bars to drink and ordered 36 bottles of beer and 4 pieces of mixed wine. At the last drink in the early morning of September 9, Li Xincao was suspected to be drunk, showing great mood swings and falling objects. She had been crying you dont want to come to me, for ten years, look for him (her). But Li Xincaos cousin told the surging news that there had been no special changes or incidents in Li Xincaos family in the past ten years.

On October 14, Kunming police reported that on October 10, Li Xincaos mother submitted a written application for autopsy to the public security organ. On October 13, the forensic center of Kunming Medical University, entrusted by Li Xincaos mother, dissected the body of lixincao; Yunnan public security forensic center and Kunming Medical University forensic Center examined and identified the specimens respectively. At the same time, the municipal procuratorial organs step in the supervision simultaneously. The Supervision Detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau took the lead to set up a working group to supervise the special work and carry out the backcheck on the preliminary work of Panlong Branch.

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How far is Li Xins draft still far from the truth

The four drank in three bars successively

On September 8, Li Xincao went to an appointment of death.

She was invited by her classmate and roommate Ren Xiaoshen, who majored in Internet of things in Kunming University of technology. Rens appointment is her hometown in Honghe Prefecture, Luo Xuqian, who works in Kunming, and Li Xiaohao, a student at Yunnan Open University. Li claimed to have known Mr. Ren for six or seven years, while Luo said he usually played with him.

According to Li Xincaos family members, they learned from Li Xincaos classmates that they had planned to go with four people in the dormitory that night to have a meal. However, one person did not make the trip due to economic reasons, while the other had an appointment with a friend. Only Li Xincao went with Ren. Mr. Chen and Mr. Luo have never met Mr. Li at Chongqing University.

Li Xincaos family said Xincao did not know the two men before.

Li told Li Xincaos family that after dinner, the four had nothing to do. At the suggestion of Luo, the four of them went into the bar to order wine, a bottle of 300ml. Li Xincao drank about three bottles, and the rest was drunk by the three of them. According to the consumption documents, 12 bottles of beer were ordered.

The video shows that at 21:23 p.m., four people turned from Renmin middle road to Jiangbin West Road and entered the Magic season bar. According to the consumption documents, they ordered another 12 bottles of beer, 500 ml. According to Luo and Li, Li drank more than one bottle this time. At 22:38 p.m., four people left the Magic season bar.

According to Li, after leaving the bar, they went to the subway station to catch the subway, but they couldnt go back because they missed the last train. We (plan) to find a place to open a room for one night, Li said

Men in the same trade said they felt Li Xincao had hallucinations

The video shows that the four who missed the subway had their third drink at the hot bar on Taoyuan Street. At 23:3:58 on September 8, four people were sitting at the door of the bar.

In the recording, Luo told Li Xincaos family that they ordered 12 bottles of beer in the bar, and the four drank four bottles together. Before then, Li Xincao began to talk nonsense. Li said to his family that Li Xincao was drunk when they transferred to the hot bar.

In the meantime, Li Xincao used to go to the toilet alone, and Luo also went to the toilet alone. Ren, who was originally sitting on the same bench with Li Xincao, changed his position with Luo Xiaoqian opposite, so that Luo and Li Xincao sat together.

The video shows that at 23:59:46, Li Xincao, who was suspected to be drunk, was lying on the back of the stool and then fell down on Luos leg. Luo opened his hands. At 0:11:23 a.m. on September 9, lixincao fell on Luos leg again.

At 0:13:30 a.m. on the 9th, Li Xincao in the video screen appeared excited and had a wrestling action. Later, he was stopped by the other three people and pulled out the charger on the wall. After that, Li Xincao rushed out of the bar, and then returned to lie on the stool. Luo and his three people put their bags on her head.

In the video at 0:19:30 a.m. on the 9th, Li Xincao hit the table with his head, shook his hands, and then rushed out of the bar again. About two minutes later, he was helped into the door by the other three people. At 0:23, Ren, who supported her, failed to control and fell under the table.

Luo also said that he felt that Li Xincao had hallucinations at that time, and he had been saying, for more than ten years, dont come to me..

Li said that Li Xincao, who then talked to himself, said some strange things, and then rushed out of the bar. After being pulled back by them, it may suddenly be quiet after exhaustion of physical strength..

At 1:37:10 on the 9th, Li Xincao smashed a bottle of beer. After being stopped, the waiter came to communicate with Luo. Later, Li Xincao rushed out of the video screen and yelled ah outside the bar.

Since then, Li Xincao has dropped ashtrays and robbed bags. In the video, you can clearly hear three people of Mr. Ren saying, its really not good. Send it to the hospital.

At 1:47:45, Luo raised his hand and began to slap lixincao in the face. At this time, Luo can also be heard saying wake her up and slap Li Xincao in the face.

At 1:53:40 in the morning, the waiter came forward to communicate with Mr. Luo, who turned to the front desk to check out. After that, the waiter brought a cup of water (later reflected as sugar water) to the lixincao. After a sip of lixincao, it poured it on his head with his backhand.

At about 2:00, Li Xincao rushed out of the bar, and Li Mou Hao followed him out. About one minute later, Luo also went out.

The taxi driver who was stopped that night told surging news that he saw a girl waving for a taxi at the door of the bar, and a man was standing next to the girl. Then, he drove to the side of the road, and the girl got on from the back door and sat in the back seat.

The girl didnt say a word after she got on the bus. She didnt have any expression on her face, so she just sat in the back seat. The taxi driver said that after sitting for about two or three minutes, the girl got off from the other side of the back seat and walked to the river. The girl walked very fast, and the two men followed the girl to the river side..

Jump over the wall and jump into Panlong River

The video screen shows that at 2:2:8 in the morning, a man called out: someone fell into the water! Then a woman called out, ah!

Li said that Li Xincao, who got out of the car, went to the river and over the wall. When he responded, Li Xincao had already jumped down. I didnt hold it. I called for help. After running about 10 meters, I could still see her head at the beginning, and it gradually disappeared.

Li told his family that after Li Xincao fell into the water that night, a passing veterans jumped into the river to help rescue, but failed because of darkness.

Luo said that after the incident, he dialed 110 and 120, and he also said that Li Xincao has repeatedly committed suicide by cutting his wrist and jumping into the river..

At about 2:4 a.m. on September 9, Kunming Public Security Bureau Command Center received a report that someone had jumped into Panlong River. The two-level command centers of the Municipal Public Security Bureau and Panlong Branch immediately ordered two patrol cars and the police of Gulou police station to deal with the police, and informed 20 police stations along the Panlong River and the municipal fire brigade to carry out search and rescue. The police arrived at the scene at about 2:08 and took Ren, Luo and Li to Gulou police station for investigation.

Li Xincaos cousin Chen Jie was the first to arrive at the scene. She told the surging news that after arriving at the scene, she could not see anyone. She went to the Gulou police station again, and the three men who gave testimony told her the above story.

After the incident, Kunming police, fire brigade, blue sky rescue team and so on successively intervened to help search, rescue and salvage. At about 7:20 on September 11, the command center of Kunming Public Security Bureau received a report from the police that a female corpse was found in the East dock of Dianchi Lake. After preliminary forensic examination, police investigation and family members presence, Li Xincaos body was identified. The family members saw that Li Xincaos body had no external trauma. The technical investigators at the scene found that Li Xincaos blood had coagulated, and the initial examination was drowning.

Kunming police upgraded to set up a special group for investigation

She is the only child in QuLin county. When Li Xincao was 10 months old, his father died in a coal mine accident.

In the impression of her mother Chen Meilian and her aunt Zhao cuifen, Li Xincao has always been a good girl.

Chen Meilian said that she did not go out to play with her classmates in junior high school and high school when she got home. She liked to sleep in at home. I asked her why no one asked you to play. She said she would stay at home with her mother when she got home.

Chen Meilian remembers that when her daughter goes home, she goes out to eat. When she sees something delicious on the table, she grabs it with her hands. Sometimes she comes to the kitchen and says, youre not good at cutting vegetables. Ill do it. Recently, when she came home, she washed the quilt for her grandmother and helped her make up the softer bed on the bed.

Relatives told the surging news that Li Xincaos mother and daughters registered permanent residence was still in the name of her uncles house, and her tuition fees were all subsidized by relatives.

Her living expenses are about seven or eight hundred a month, not necessarily. She clocks in once every time she starts school. Chen Meilian thinks that her daughter is a girl who does not spend money indiscriminately. She usually buys water.

Chen Meilian said that her daughter is not the kind of person who likes to drink and has a small amount of alcohol. She usually drinks a little wine to celebrate the festival.

Li Xincao and Rens classmates told their families that their grades were both good. Li Xincao was fourth in the comprehensive grade of freshman, and Ren was seven or eight. Li Xincao usually goes to bed early and has regular work and rest. He has not been crying at night and has not been abnormal recently.

On September 16, Li Xincaos cousin Chen Jie reported to the public security organ that Li Xincao was suspected of being molested before falling into the water, and the Gulou police station was investigated.

Kunming Bureau of human resources and social security: it is said that Li Xins draft involves a person who is not a member of this bureau

On October 14, in response to the relevant situation of Luo, a person involved in the online Li Xincao incident, Kunming human resources and Social Security Bureau responded that Luo was not a staff member of Kunming Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security and its subordinate units.

Li Xincaos roommate told about the day of the crime: originally, four people were planned to go together

Li Xincao and Ren did not plan to stay out.

In response to the latest police notice of Li Xincaos draft quoted by the media, Li Xincaos mother posted a microblog on the morning of October 14, saying, the autopsy was carried out from 16:30 p.m. to 19:29 p.m. on October 13, 2019,

The autopsy report said it would be 15-20 days at the earliest. Up to now, I have received two phone calls from the police station. The first one is to sign for autopsy, and the second is what his fathers name is

I just saw the media say my daughter drowned herself Is hitting people also a way to sober up?