Should nutritional supplements be taken? These seven groups of people can benefit from it

 Should nutritional supplements be taken? These seven groups of people can benefit from it

What kind of people might benefit from short-term supplements? Here is a brief list of the situation.

1. People who have shown nutrient deficiency

There has never been any doubt about the need to supplement if it is lacking. Vitamins and minerals are added to many foods in the United States. These measures have eliminated various micronutrient deficiencies that once prevailed in the middle of the last century. China has not carried out extensive food nutrition fortification, and it is not uncommon for people to have subclinical deficiency (not to the extent of serious disease, but already have various mild discomfort and can not reach the best state). Supplements to these diseases will likely speed up the recovery process.

Whether there is a lack of micronutrients, you can go to the Nutrition Department of the tertiary hospital, or ask a registered dietitian to help judge.

Some diseases consume extra nutrients. For example, studies have found that people with respiratory tract infections can recover faster if they get enough vitamin A. Because vitamin A is essential for the differentiation and repair of mucosal tissue. Some drugs may interfere with the absorption and utilization of some vitamins, such as folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, etc.

3. People with insufficient digestion and absorption capacity

Some drugs may damage the function of the stomach or intestine, and may reduce the absorption and utilization of nutrients. At this time, additional nutrients can make up for the loss and avoid the risk of nutritional decline.

4. People who exercise a lot

Athletes, marathon enthusiasts, bodybuilders, etc. should consult the nutritionist if they need to supplement micronutrients. A lot of exercise and a lot of sweating will consume a variety of B vitamins. If you eat less and exercise more, it will easily lead to relatively insufficient nutrients in the long run.

5. People with insufficient rest, excessive pressure and frequent fatigue

6. People who cant guarantee three meals

There is no need to explain this. Everyone knows it. But unfortunately, many people think that they eat very healthy, in fact, they can not eat enough micronutrients.

7. People who are losing weight

But even so, there is no guarantee that all the nutrients meet your bodys needs. To be on the safe side, its better to add some extra nutrients. The reasons are as follows.

First, consider other micronutrients that are not calculated. There are dozens of nutrients, some of which do not have enough data, so not all varieties can be supplied adequately. For example, pantothenic acid, biotin, and some trace elements in B vitamins are also important to people, but not in the ingredient list. The data of folic acid and vitamin K are incomplete. So I cant guarantee that every micronutrient in the recipe is in good supply. It can only be said that those vitamins with complete data and several minerals that are easy to lack in daily life are matched enough.

Third, considering that there may have been underintake or mild deficiency in the past. Some people who often go on a diet to lose weight may have been short of a variety of micronutrients before they eat a nutritional diet. If you eat according to the normal amount, although the quantity is reasonable, there is no remaining part to make up for the previous shortage. If we increase the supply of compound nutrients, we can gradually make up for the lack of the past and make it easier for the body to recover.

Fifthly, considering the need for metabolic pathway changes. It is necessary to increase fat decomposition during weight loss, the gluconeogenesis may be strengthened, and there is a slight ketone body formation. From the perspective of metabolic pathway change, the demand for B vitamins will be increased. The mental stress that often exists in the process of weight loss will also increase the demand for micronutrients.

Sixth, considering the increasing demand for detoxification pressure. During weight loss, in addition to fat and carbohydrates can be reduced part of the other nutrients can not be less, or even increased. For example, the decomposition of fat and the release of energy require the participation of a variety of B vitamins. There are some pollutants stored in the fat, which are released in the process of fat decomposition. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the pressure of detoxification system, and also need to add multiple vitamins to cooperate with the work.

1. When I am in good condition, the quality of diet is good, the quantity is sufficient, there is no special pressure, and there is no need to add additional nutrients when I dont have a lot of exercise.

2. We must pay attention to the reasonable quantity of nutrients. It is reasonable to reach 1-3 times of the recommended amount, which is safe and can make up for the loss and make up for the body reserve.

3. Supplement of nutrient tablets or capsules can reduce the risk of malnutrition, but it can not replace the preventive effect of daily healthy diet, nor can it prolong the life span.

4. Nutrient supplements are not the more expensive, the better. Commercial deception should not be taken seriously.