Nanjing killed girl boyfriend claimed to have been on the Syrian battlefield with a knife

 Nanjing killed girl boyfriend claimed to have been on the Syrian battlefield with a knife

In addition, another suspect in this case, Cao Zhaoqing, is suspected to be a person nicknamed yellow ghost in Nanjing water cannon circle. This person once declared to his friends that he had been abroad some time ago to carry out transnational arrest mission.

Dont be heavy or heavy. Take a knife with you

Wang Liang told the Beijing news that Hong and himself were alumni. During school, they met because they were both military fans and loved water cannon. In October 2016, two younger students mentioned to him the elder student, Hong Mou, who was called a very powerful person and has very good physical fitness and strong tactical skills. He hoped to hire him as the instructor of Wang Liangs student military association to teach tactical movements and field survival skills.

In the description of the two students, Hong claimed to be proficient in Russian and Pashto, had participated in the shadow army, went to the Syrian battlefield, and carried out anti-terrorism operations. However, when two younger students asked about the specific situation of Hongs fighting outside, he said that he was not willing to talk about it, because its too tragic, all of my comrades in arms died in front of me, and my flesh and blood were flying.

Wang Liang said that he had some doubts at that time. He thought Hong was bragging, if you really have such a strong resume, how can you play with a group of younger students in school? Wang Liang said that there is a kind of armed party among military enthusiasts. The typical feature is that they pretend to have stress trauma and are not willing to recall the details of the battle. In fact, he does not know the real situation of the battlefield. Therefore, at that time, Wang Liang warned the students to stay away from Hong.

Wang Liang remembers that when he was taken to see Hong for the first time by his younger brother, he felt that Hong was a little strange. I didnt say that because he had an accident. At that time, he felt that he was smiling and not smiling. He always breathed cold when he spoke. Subconsciously, he felt very dangerous. In short, his impression was not very good.

However, under the strong recommendation of the two students, Hong was still employed as the instructor of the society. Out of love for the military, students of grade 2017 of Jiangsu Maritime Vocational and technical college Liu Yang (pseudonym) and Zhang Yan (pseudonym) joined the association after entering the school. They remember that Hong would organize a training session on Friday night, bring members of the club to the playground and ask them to run around the lawn, roll and stand in military posture.

In their impression, Hong always wore camouflage pants, tactical shoes and a knife with him every time he appeared. Because he showed a good understanding of the military and the standard posture when making tactical movements, many students were very convinced of Hong and always called him instructor.

Every time I see him, hes either playing with military equipment or in the gym. The manager of a gymnasium near Jiangsu Maritime Vocational and technical college told the Beijing news that a few years ago, Hong often came to the store to keep fit. A person playing sandbags there is very big. It can be seen that the physical quality is good.

Liu Yang told the Beijing News reporter that Hong often used light and light tactics, and had used throat locking technique to lock the other party dizzy when simulating confrontation with others. He also heard from his younger brother that Hong had used a rope to take his younger brother down from the fifth floor of the dormitory building without any protective measures. The balustrade of our dormitory building is not strong, and no one dares to lower it with protective measures, but he just pursues stimulation.

Hongs life photo. Photos provided by interviewees

He stole military materials of the society for many times and was expelled by the school security office

After contacting Hong for a long time, we gradually found out that he was a bit wrong. Liu Yang said.

Liu Yangs club has a storage room, storing the clubs trophies, souvenirs, materials and so on. Liu Yang said that Hong often asked the then president of the Association (Zhao LE) to take him to the storage room at night. Because the storage room is located between the two girls dormitory buildings, Zhao Le felt that it was not appropriate to go at night and refused several times. As a result, he was retaliated by Hong.

According to Liu Yang and Zhang Yan, during the winter vacation in 2017, Hong kicked the door to enter zhaole dormitory and ransacked the water cannon, sight glass and military model in his personal locker, with a total value of more than 2000 yuan. The Beijing News reporter asked Zhao le to confirm the matter, but the other side said he would not respond.

After the theft of zhaole dormitory came out, Hong gradually no longer appeared in the community. However, by the end of 2018, shovels and rubber guns were stolen from the clubs storage room. Because Liu Yang met Hong in the school that night, he reported to the security office, we asked him for something, and he returned it.

Until 2019, Hong, who has already graduated, still often appears in the school, and always has one or two little brothers around him. Zhang Yan said that on February 14, 2019, Hong commanded his younger brother to steal bows, arrows, compressed biscuits and other things from the storage room of the community, and left a note with good taste in the barrel containing the compressed biscuits.

Zhang Yan showed the photos of the note to the Beijing News reporter and the photos when he went to the security office to check the monitoring. Because Hong has graduated, the security office can only transfer the case to the police station, Zhang Yan and others did not know the final result.

Hongs accident, the school, the community are very innocent, I saw the security office several times with a baton to drive him away, forbidding him to appear in the campus, the club is only a place where military students learn knowledge, and has nothing to do with Hongs affairs. Zhang Yan told the Beijing News.

After reporting the case, people from the security office communicated with Zhang Yan on the follow-up progress, and revealed that he had contacted his parents. Hongs father said that he could not get rid of his son. On August 7, the Beijing News reporter contacted Hongs father, and the other side said, thank you. Im in pain. Im on the highway. Then he hung up in a hurry.

Hongs father once had a residence near the university town in Jiangning District, which was resold in 2016, according to China judicial documents website. On August 10, Mr. Zhou, the buyer, told the Beijing news that this was a residential area for moving back. When he bought his own house, Hongs father had a legal dispute with him over the size of the house, but in addition, he had no impression of Hongs father. The Beijing News reporter asked the neighbors that they did not remember Hongs family living here.

In addition, before the crime, Hong and the victim Li lived in another house in a community in Maqun, Qixia District. A friend of Hongs said that at the end of last year, Hong told him that he had spent 200000 yuan to decorate the house.

Jiangsu Maritime Vocational and technical college. Photo by Ma Yanjun, reporter of Beijing News

According to Wang Liangs recollection, Hong used to call himself the second generation of officials in his school, saying that his family had a lot of background and threatened others with if you want to confront me, there will be no good end. Sometimes, Hong takes people over the wall, let others turn it first. He takes a picture in the back and says that if you dont mix with me, you can send the picture to the school so that people can be his younger brother.

In addition, Wang Liang once heard that some students were threatened by Hong to suspend school for a year, and that several tens of thousands of yuan were squandered by Hong, but he was not clear about the details.

Wang Liang once added Hongmou QQ in 2017. He remembers that Hong often uploads photos of himself standing in front of the military management zone in military clothes in QQ space, or photos with foreigners in military uniform. Wang Liang said that another suspect in the case, Zhang Zhaoguang, is also a student of Jiangsu Maritime Vocational and technical college, and is the younger brother of Hong. He often mixed up with Hong during the school period. Once, Zhang sent a photo in QQ space, wearing a hat and holding a silver pistol. Hong returned a photo of himself below, they will attract others through this way and satisfy their vanity. Beijing News reporter found that after the crime, Hongs QQ space has been set to invisible.

Wang Liang and Hong are both water cannon enthusiasts. Wang Liang once heard that there was a big man selling equipment in the water bomb circle. After listening to Hongs account of his past experience, he also believed that Hong had indeed been on the battlefield and had strong combat ability. Its easy for him to cheat a student. He can cheat an adult in his circle, which shows that he still has a strong ability to bewitch.

We suspect that by brainwashing, Hong made Zhang and Cao feel that they were carrying out a mission, and that they would help him do this. Before that, there was a fight enthusiast in the school who was bewitched by Hong and wrote a suicide note, and he was going to Afghanistan to fight with him. With Hongs personality, sooner or later, it will lead to bad results. Unfortunately, my sister paid a life for it. Liu Yang said.

Wang Liang told the Beijing news that another suspect in the case, Cao Zhaoqing, was suspected to be a person nicknamed yellow ghost and teacher Huang in the Nanjing water bomb gun circle. He and Hong had known each other before. On the evening of August 4, after the police issued a report of Lis murder in a certain month, a friend of Wang Liang in the circle told him that Huanggui had been unable to contact him. However, on August 2, the two men had also played water cannon together. Huang GUI claimed that he had been to other places some time ago to carry out a transnational arrest mission. He seemed to have a natural attitude and had no abnormality.

Wang Liang said that Huanggui had previously worked part-time in a real CS venue near Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. On the evening of August 10, a reporter from Beijing news came to the live CS venue. A staff member said that in 2019, there was indeed a person with the nickname teacher Huang working as a part-time coach in the venue. The teaching staff played water cannon, real CS and other games. During the part-time job, the person did not disclose his real name, and no one knew his job.

On August 10, teacher Huang once worked as a part-time reality CS venue. Photo by Ma Yanjun, reporter of Beijing News

According to the data, the water bomb gun is a kind of electric toy gun, which uses water compound (small particles containing sodium polyacrylate crosslinked copolymer and turns into soft blue particles as pea sized particles after two hours of blistering) as bullets. The specific kinetic energy of the muzzle is below the national standard (1.8 Joule / cm2). It has been proved by experiments that regular water cannon will not cause harm to pigs eyes within one meter. However, there have been a number of cases of water cannon non-standard use of human injury.