Guangdong Media: Zhao Rui has the ability to change the competition and Guangdong is expected to win the championship 2-0

 Guangdong Media: Zhao Rui has the ability to change the competition and Guangdong is expected to win the championship 2-0

Thank you very much to Beijing, said Du Feng, head coach of Guangdong team, after the semi-final At that time, most people thought that it was only polite words, and it was not until the finals that they found out how terrible the attack of Guangdong team was if they could break through the strict defense of Beijing team!

Guangdong team made a big contribution in the front line. Han Dejuns interior power is great, but his moving speed is still too slow to complete the cooperative defense as quickly as the foreign aid Youdu of Beijing team, so he becomes the breakthrough of Guangdong team. Guangdong team in the front line to occupy an advantage, whether WEIMS, Zhou Peng or Ren Junfei, in front of the Liaoning team against the advantage.

At the end of the game, Guangdong team, one point behind, quickly reversed the situation with the continuous scores of Zhou Peng and WEIMS. WIMS, in particular, won almost all one-on-one confrontations, while Han Dejun was limited by his physical strength and poor movement, so he could only stare under the basket. Zhou Peng also mentioned after the game that the fast conversion of attack and defense and the high height of the front line were the main points of Guangdong team.

Zhao Rui, in particular, was questioned in the semi-final, but he proved last night that Guangdong No. 10 still has the ability to change the game as long as he can put enough energy into the attack. Zhao Rui and Wilms have staged a one-stop layup across the court for many times, and such a scene is quite rare against Beijing team. Once Guangdong team finds its familiar fast rhythm, almost no team in the league is its opponent.

Guangdong teams big victory, or in the case of Yi Jianlian only 2 points, not many in the past. Only Han Dejun, who is not fast, is available in the Liaoning teams interior line. A lianduo completes the attack with middle and long shots. Many of them are still vacant opportunities, but they cant grasp them because of poor hand feeling. Guangdong team in their own rhythm, Arab League does not need to fight inside, obviously more relaxed than the semi-final of life and death.

If Guangdong team continues to find its familiar rhythm in the game tomorrow night, it will have a great chance to win the championship by 2:0.

Hao Haoyu, reporter of Yangcheng Evening News