Taking photos of female students cutting their crotch to see their private parts?

 Taking photos of female students cutting their crotch to see their private parts?

I want to see your privacy

Do you love fitness?

Recently, a gym scandal was exposed

When female customers do muscle stretching in the gym, the male coach uses scissors to cut the crotch.

Ms. Wang is a native of Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. In order to better shape herself, she went to the gym to apply for a card and invited a male coach.

At about 20:00 p.m. on June 16, she went to the gym as usual. Unexpectedly, when she finally stretched her muscles, the male trainer even cut the crotch of her fitness pants with scissors.

The male coach said, I want to see your privacy.

The head of the gym made a decision at once and decided to sue Wei.

What is it that allows a male coach to abuse female students in public and cut his crotch with scissors.

The desire came, did not hold back for a moment?

How hungry is the coach?

Have you seen too much porn?

A few days ago, I was in the gym and saw this scene:

A male coach stood next to me, staring at a sexy female member.

Male members ask him for guidance, but he is willing to respond to female members.

When he was helping a female member stretch, his hands swam around to take advantage of it.

I heard him whisper to another coach:

Look, this dress is very dew and coquettish.

The coachs eyes, I feel sick now.

Indeed, the gym is full of high-density hormone breath. From the perspective of long legs, chest and buttocks, the murmur of exercise force stimulates nerves, and it is easy to be taken away if you are not careful.

The indecent man with weak self-control will naturally take advantage of the opportunity to molest and take advantage of his own lust.

How messy is it in the gym?

Photographing, indecency and verbal rape

Your private religion may be the king of molestation

Is your fitness video being used by pornographic male sex educators?

Previously, the microblog owner @ maolitime Mao Rui Times published a group of group chat screenshots, exposing the group chat information of fitness coaches of a private education League.

Thats a nice girl.

This group of coaches also wanton, in front of the video fantasy with female members of sexual relations.

Words are filthy, and I wish I could pour detergent into their mouths.

A group of rogue coaches gathered and raped a group of female members.

Members information is not only not confidential, but also a tool for their sexual harassment and engagement.

I saw a comment:

What kind of stink? Not ashamed, but proud?

They wrap their indecency in their sexual instinct and attribute all their mistakes to sexual desire.

However, desire has never been the scapegoat for your indecent and abusive women.

15 fitness private education, shamelessly shouting slogans: we want to be a multinational gun king.

Its the first time Ive heard someone say it so fresh and refined.

The well-dressed coaches stood behind the female members and secretly photographed their buttocks. The photos were even used to masturbate the backward entry, even when the members left.

They share videos on the group, wantonly identify womens bodies, and use words such as comfortable, deep and flexible tongue to launch vulgar sexual fantasies.

Once you find a good-looking female member, give her a stretching class, just to take advantage of the opportunity.

Whats terrible is that not only the female members, but also the male members have been killed. They are secretly photographed in the bathroom.

A member continued the class, a coach in the group curse: this B bought ah, like a retarded.

Whats more unexpected is that these private educations health certificates are fake.

Professionalism, service attitude, professional ethics, none of them.

Not long ago, a news exposure revealed that female students reported their experiences of being sexually harassed by private education

I worked out in a fitness club in Jiashan, because it was a new store, and there were not many students during the day. A private teacher actively tutored me.

Practicing, he put me on the ground, his hands began to touch me, slowly into my underwear.

I was so scared that I ran away when someone was passing by.

After that, the private education still kept on making wechat phone calls to harass me.

Its not the first time Ive heard of such disgusting things.

There are many more news like this:

A video of a female student being touched by a fitness coach on the Internet is on fire.

A girl in Hangzhou who wanted to quit private teaching was refused. The coach asked her to stay with her by sleeping with her.

In the gym, most people wear tights, vests or sports bra, and womens figure is undoubtedly revealed, which has become the exciting point of some evil men.

In addition, many coaches engage in promiscuous relations, which spoils the atmosphere.

So, when it comes to the gym, many people will feel confused.

In particular, private education, we are more vigilant.

You have to know about the gym blackout

Is private education really useless?

Its not.

But the problem is that many fitness coaches are not professional.

A coach told of his own experience in the gym:

The manager asked him, when selling classes, what should members do if they dislike you for being fat?

He was in distress when the manager gave him advice

Later, you are a former weightlifter and won a gold medal. Because of the injury, I used more hormones, and finally got fat.

In the fitness industry, a set of deceptive words is widely spread

I cant teach well if I practice well. Im not in good shape, but I can teach.

Why dont I have muscles? Is coach Liu Xiang as fast as Liu Xiang? Im a coach. The coach doesnt have to practice very well

As long as you can cheat and sell more classes, you are the ace coach.

The performance appraisal mode of the gym has made the coach a salesman.

In order to sell classes, some coaches even force single by any means.

The story goes like this:

A coach accosted Xiao Liu and offered to help her do stretching exercises. She also tested and relaxed her muscles with instruments.

As a result, the next day, Xiao Liu was taken to the office by the manager and asked why he did not buy a class but took a private class.

Similarly, in March 2018, Xiaohui was forced to sell nearly 200 classes by her coach, which cost nearly 50000 yuan. When she couldnt afford to pay, the coach said, Ill teach you to borrow money.

Forced single, volume money run, has become the normal gym.

There are also some coaches choose the fitness industry motivation itself is not pure.

According to the 2019 China fitness industry data report

60.2% of coaches are due to love;

27.1% was due to the sense of achievement;

This 8.1% means that there are many black sheep with impure motives in the fitness industry.

How to avoid unprofessional and motivated coaches? You need:

1. Observe the coachs figure and behavior.

Carefully observe the coachs speech and behavior to see whether the other side in professional knowledge is nonsense, there is no obvious wrong fitness concept.

2. See if you have the relevant skills certificate.

The four major certifications in the United States are the most authoritative certificates in the fitness industry. You can learn about the relevant certificates in advance for reference, but dont blindly pursue the certificates.

3. Observe the coachs style and way of giving lessons to other students.

You can listen to the private teaching experience class and observe the class style of the coach.

The way he teaches others is basically the way he teaches you. If you dont feel well, its even more uncomfortable to have a personal experience.

We cant deny all gyms just because there are indecent incidents. There are only a few extreme coaches.

Fitness itself is not guilty. Its the people who are guilty.

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