Girl, look at the way this man spends money. Hes a typical debt collector. Dont you hurry

 Girl, look at the way this man spends money. Hes a typical debt collector. Dont you hurry

I used to give him the salary and let him pay back the money. I think of these things hard, I want to break up.

Just in this years new year, I finally determined to separate, I really did not pay attention to him, but he has been looking for me. When I came back to Shenzhen, he said he wanted to tell me something. I also told him the truth. I couldnt accept the previous things.

When I think about it, I feel stupid. Moreover, because he owes tens of thousands of yuan, he has been paying back the money all the time. At this age, I dont have any savings of my own. I just want to work hard to pay off debts, and I dont want to affect my life because of him.

He begged me that he would change. So I softened my heart again and stayed together for a while, but I felt that he often had a lot of negative emotions. I had a lot of pressure.

Not long after he returned to his hometown, I broke up with him, but he said that he would die without me. I was afraid that he would really commit suicide. In order to placate his mood, I dare not divide.

For a time, I wanted to tell his parents that they would take good care of him and not let him come to me again. But I didnt know how to say it. Instead, I was afraid that his parents did not enlighten him, but blamed him, which led to his emotional loss.

I really worry about a lot, now he really changed, everything listen to me, also did not use my money, is also very good to me.

Although the change is great, it is still very tired to be with him. On the one hand, as long as we think about the past, we cant accept it, and we dont want to be intimate with him. Our families also disagree.

Cold love reply:

Thank you very much for providing such a good story. In the story, we have been talking about the important type of taxi running - debt collectors.

Around us, there are always some people who let themselves fall into debt crisis and have tens of thousands of debts. Whether it is credit cards, loans or their own income, they cant pay the minimum repayment. Then, these people often use their intimate relationship to control others to repay for themselves.

This kind of person, regardless of gender, has to take a taxi to run.

In essence, this kind of person is like a hermit crab. He lives in the shell of others and escapes from the life he has to face.

In addition, the female host talked about the boys repeated infidelity and other particularly bad things.

So, dont say anything. You should take a taxi when you meet such a man.

However, taking a taxi and running is not the focus of our talk today.

Today, we still want to solve some of the doubts in this story for the hostess, and give three suggestions to the people in such difficulties

First, not the virgin.

We can always see such a kind of story, a person wants to break up, and then the partner says, I cant live without you..

Of course, we can say that this is a threat, so some people are afraid to end the relationship because of these threats.

However, in fact, people who do not leave may also have a kind of narcissism in it.

Is it true that one person will die if he or she leaves?

This kind of easy to decide the life and death of others feeling, is it also very easy to addict?

Do we really have the capacity to protect others?

This is what I think we can reflect on in the future.

If you cant reflect on this, its easy to fall into the virgin complex.

Second, risk prediction and assessment.

For example, the female host owes tens of thousands of dollars to the other party, and then, she has been giving him wages to distribute and repay the money.

The occurrence of this debt may be accidental once, but it happens again and again, which shows that this is a template of his life. What he took is the script of robbing Peter to pay Paul, over overdraft and excessive consumption.

When we see these details, we should immediately assess them. There are risks. We should not enter such a script, we should withdraw immediately.

Third, it is most important to improve the ability to recognize the reality.

Looking at the description of the story, it seems that this man is particularly bad. He has been threatening to make up with the female master. If he wants to be with the woman, he is clinging to the feeling of the girl.

However, when we read the chat record, we will find that the opposite is true.

It can even be said that the boy is very hard spoken.

In a conversation in the chat record, it may be that the girl made a reasonable request to count the funds and debts, but the boy said, if you want to calculate by yourself, I will warn you how to do it..

This kind of words is definitely not an attitude of entreaty or debt.

So, can we understand that there is actually another version of this story?

Maybe, if this girl hadnt spent so many years raising this boy, the boy would have gone long ago?

If so, is it true that the reality is quite different from the girls view on the whole thing?

The ability to recognize reality is the ability to distinguish facts from opinions.

Each of us, in the emotional world, has to learn to distinguish between facts and opinions.

Only in this way can we lay the most basic foundation for our future happiness in life.

Otherwise, indulge in their own imagination all day, sooner or later, it is also their own.

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