Have such husband, marriage is particularly comfortable, independent and love each other, did you meet?

 Have such husband, marriage is particularly comfortable, independent and love each other, did you meet?

I said my husband is very good to me, my friend asked me: he is good to you, where is the performance?

I cant think of how to answer, I just murmured: its good anyway.

On reflection, our relationship seems to be more like a marriage partner..

My husband gives me less pocket money, probably because we have the same income.

However, large money, similar to the purchase of large items at home, the elderly sick and hospitalized, he directly transferred money to me, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, without blinking an eye.

He also taught me that I made a lot of money through financial management. This awareness of financial management gradually internalized into my solid ability. Every time I saw the income increase, I was very happy.

It can be said that after he taught me how to manage money, I realized the freedom of lipstick by the income from financial management.

He didnt say to me, you dont have to work hard, Ill support you..

However, it taught me how to behave in the workplace, how to solve problems, so that I won the approval of most people.

My husband can hardly indulge in my willfulness and laziness, sometimes he will be very strict with me.

He is very self-discipline. He is more self-discipline than his peers.

Although he often forgets the memorial day and never gives me anything, he teaches me to fight for everything.

He once said to me: if I go ahead of you one day in the future, you must live a good life.

Probably because we have done the worst psychological preparation, so, we all strive to grow up, do not want to become a drag.

Both of us are getting stronger, and our economy is improving, reducing the economic risk of our families.


Good marriage, to protect property and love, money issues, should also be put on the table.

It happened that not long ago, I saw a book written by lawyer Wu Jiezhen, called a good marriage, we should guard property and love. All of a sudden, I felt that it was too late for each other. After checking the score of Douban, it was as high as 8.9.

He used to be so self defeating:

If you are going to get married, please call me a premarital appraiser;

If you are married, please call me marriage safety officer;

If you are going to divorce, please call me divorce master;

If you dont want to get married, please call me marriage counselor.

Wu Jiezhen is so versatile.

In a good marriage, protect property and love, Wu Jiezhen points out that in marriage, there are five common ways for one party to control the other party:

1. Let them quit their jobs and become economically dependent.

This is a source of pain for many stay at home moms.

2. Negate its value in daily life, such as not doing anything, only spending money and not making money.

This is PUA in marriage. Its a kind of mind control.

3. Only give a small amount of living expenses every month and implement economic control.

Without financial power, many women lose their choice.

4. Deny their friends, limit their social intercourse, and make them lose their helping hand.

When there is no social circle, full-time mothers dont know who to talk to when they encounter problems.

5. Control the violence and fight if you dont listen.

Domestic violence, once it happens, may be killed.

In particular, the first situation makes many married women particularly anxious.

Just like Luo Zijun in the TV drama the first half of my life, she was kept in captivity for the first half of her life. Although she lived in luxury, she was like a canary in a cage. She lacked the consciousness of spiritual independence, economic independence and self-reliance.

Her husband, Chen Junsheng, treats her according to his current economic level.

However, once there is a great change in the work, it will feel that his wife only knows how to eat, drink and play, and cant share anything for him. Its just a drag.

In contrast, a word of comfort from a female colleague is warmer than the food cooked by his wife. In the end, Chen Junsheng still cant help cheating.

Its easy to talk about love and money with the right person.

Its hard to talk about love and money if you find the wrong person.

So, how should married women avoid their potential risks?

Lawyer Wu Jiezhen has eight chapters in this book, covering all aspects of marriage and gender. The content system is complete, including:

The first chapter is the three hidden meanings of marriage law

Chapter two betrothal gifts and dowry

Chapter 3 house in love and marriage

Chapter IV personal property / common property

The fifth chapter is the law of premarital self preservation

Chapter six the adulterous marriage

Chapter seven says no to domestic violence

Chapter 8 divorce, dont be afraid!

30 pieces of advice on marriage safety

It is especially recommended that girls who are about to get married should first read this book before making a decision, because this book is full of dry goods, which will make you think about how to plan your life after marriage.

The details of the book are also very good, row spacing setting is very comfortable, do not feel tired of reading, but also equipped with mind map to help straighten out ideas, in simple terms, not high requirements for reading ability.

Its a great book. You can read it if youre not married or married.

Marriage life will inevitably involve property, fuel, oil and salt are all money. When we read books, we not only protect our own property, but also make people understand things and live more confidently.

Marriage, like a ship, one steers and one cooperates, so that it can always go against the current.

I am very lucky to meet such a good man as my husband. With his help, I am getting better and better. I also hope that the book of lawyer Wu Jiezhen, good marriage, protect property and love can help girls avoid the risk of marriage.


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