Bolton said trump trusted Putin more than intelligence, trump scolded

 Bolton said trump trusted Putin more than intelligence, trump scolded

One of the most unfortunate people Ive met with John Bolton on social media is that he tweeted a lot. He often said that I respect and even trust Russian (president) Vladimir Putin more than I trust our intelligence personnel. This is not true, of course. If the first person you meet in the so-called U.S. intelligence service is a dirty cop, like James COMEY, who has been proved to be the highest despicable, James Clapper, who has been proved to be a liar, or John Brennan, the crazed CIA director at the lowest level among them, maybe you can understand my unwillingness to accept it!

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Earlier, Bolton said in an interview with the US business insider website that he was most shocked by Trumps speech at the summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki in 2018 when he was the national security affairs assistant to the president.

The president doesnt seem to know that [Americans] may be dissatisfied with his treatment of Putins remarks as much as our intelligence reports, Bolton said Bolton said he was surprised at Trumps words and then tried to explain to the president why the (US) media has such a negative reaction..

In July, Bolton said trump would be angry when he received intelligence reports related to Russia. He added that he agreed with other former U.S. officials that the president did not want to hear negative news about Putin. Bolton believes that everyone, except perhaps the president, understands the nature of Russian activities.

Bolton worked in the trump Administration for 17 months before being fired. According to media reports, Bolton disagreed with the presidents views on Iran, Afghanistan and North Korea policy. Trump said at the time that he did not agree with many of Boltons proposals.

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