Prospects of SUV in the second half of the year

 Prospects of SUV in the second half of the year

The third generation of Havel H6

Key points of new car:

2. The interior decoration adopts the minimalist design idea, the center console looks simple and three-dimensional, and the sense of luxury and technology has been significantly improved.

New car information:

The first generation of Haval H6 was launched in Guangzhou auto show in 2010, and the second generation was shown at Guangzhou auto show in 2016. However, the pre price range of the latest third generation Haval H6 ranges from 122000 yuan to 141000 yuan. The new car adopts a new design style and has a stronger visual effect. In terms of size, the wheelbase of the new car has been increased by 58mm, bringing a better sense of space. In addition, the new car also added more hard core black technology to meet the needs of consumers.

The third generation of Haval H6 adopts a new Xianwei design language, which is more angular than the current model. The size of the new hexagon forward air grille is larger. The interior is decorated with classic chrome plated geometric patterns. It is equipped with slender LED headlamp and new built front bar to make the front face look more powerful. In addition, the third generation of Haval H6 also adjusted the logo of the former brand, and the overall size was further increased, making it more eye-catching visually.

On the side of the car body, the third generation of Haval H6 lines are more abundant, and the multi waistline runs through from front to back, which has a stronger sense of hierarchy. In terms of the rear, the new car adopts the current popular through tail lamp design, and the LED light band design is adopted under the tail lamp, which is very recognizable after lighting. With the through chrome plated trim strip and the enlarged Haval logo letter, it adds a stronger sports gene to the tail u3002

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the third generation Haval H6 are 4653 / 1886 / 1730mm, and the wheelbase is 2738mm. Compared with the current model, the wheelbase is increased by 58mm. The five seat layout is still adopted, and 225 / 60r18 and 225 / 55r19 tires are available.

In terms of interior decoration, the third generation of Haval H6 adopts a minimalist design idea. The simple lines make the center console look simple and three-dimensional. However, the new car has added the full LCD suspension instrument, 12.3-inch super intelligent touch screen and 10 inch HUD intelligent full-color head-up display function. The three screens can realize information linkage, and the all-time convenience can protect drivers and passengers.

Lets take a look at the interior details of the new car. The steering wheel is decorated with gold, which makes the visual effect more elegant. The design of LCD instrument is very avant-garde, a screen directly stands in front of the steering wheel.

The third generation of Haval H6 is equipped with a new intelligent Internet system. Users can experience the personalized voice interaction of barrier free human-computer in advance, including live voice, virtual image, deep thinking, active interaction and other leading functions, making driving and riding full of humanity and interest. In addition, the new car can also realize the remote online upgrade of more than 1000 functions of vehicle level fota40, meeting the needs of users at all times.

In addition, the new car also includes wireless charging, electronic handbrake, automatic parking, panoramic image, adaptive cruise, adaptive high and low beam, electric tailgate, panoramic skylight, etc. as a high configuration car of 1.5T version, there are no defects in this configuration.

The seat of the third generation Haval H6 has been newly designed. It adopts ergonomic seat foaming technology and covers the nappa leather of environmental protection material. The intelligent control seat can be remotely heated and automatically adjusted to bring more comfortable riding experience. In terms of configuration, the new car will also provide cn95 filter element, AQS air management system, Bluetooth key, one button start, panoramic skylight, electronic handbrake and automatic Parking, etc.

As for any SUV that sells well, the space is not bad. The performance of the third-generation H6 in this respect can also be described as no problem. The 176cm high experience adjusted the front seats, kept still and came to the back row. The legs and head space were relatively ample, and the middle of the rear floor was completely flat, so the pressure of five people to travel was not great, but the back and cushion of the back seat were peaceful Long time riding will affect the comfort.

The rear row is equipped with air conditioner outlet and two USB charging ports, which meet the necessary needs of home use. The interior of the trunk is quite regular, but the ground clearance is a little high.

The third generation Haval H6 will be equipped with 1.5T and 2.0T engines. The 1.5T engine is upgraded based on the cash model, with a maximum power of 124kw and a peak torque of 285n u00b7 m. The 2.0T engine is a new great wall product, with a thermal efficiency of 38%, a maximum power of 165KW and a peak torque of 385n u00b7 M. in terms of transmission system, a new 7-speed wet dual clutch transmission will be provided to match it.

Listing date: within the year

SAIC Volkswagen Tiguan x

Key points of new car:

1. From the outside, the new car combines the design style of SUV and coupe.

2. The wheelbase of Tiguan car running version is 2791mm, the body size is 4764mm * 1859mm * 1628mm, and the length and wheelbase are 138mm and 61mm longer than those of tanyue x, respectively.

3. Equipped with 330tsi and 380tsi power options, equipped with seven speed wet DSG dual clutch transmission.

New car information:

Another new sedan running version of Volkswagen is coming, which is the Tiguan sedan from SAIC Volkswagen. It bears the mark of Tiguan x on the body logo. The new car will be officially launched this year and will be equipped with a 2.0T high and low power engine.

From the outside, the new car combines the design style of SUV and coupe. Compared with Tiguan L, the area of the upper grille is increased, and the slender front lamp shape echoes the side lines of the car, showing vitality and dynamism. Low body posture with slender window modeling, cross-border sliding back modeling visual effect is eye-catching. The through tail lamp extends to the side of the car body to further highlight the wide visual effect of the car body.

The new car will be equipped with front camera, front bumper bright trim strip, etc car mounted device, side camera, skylight of different sizes, etc.

In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with 330tsi and 380tsi power options, with dq381dsg seven speed wet dual clutch transmission.

BYD song plus

Key points of new car:

1. Two power models, fuel version and pure electric version, will be launched, both using family dragonface design language.

2. The multi-layer suspension design style is created by using multiple materials such as plastic lined soft material and suede, and gradient color design is introduced for the first time.

3. The fuel version is equipped with a new Xiaoyun 1.5ti engine, and the maximum range of pure electric version can reach 505km.

New car information:

[song plus information of fuel version

The new car adopts large-scale air intake grille design, with narrow and long headlamp groups on both sides. The front LED headlights are integrated with BYDs iconic dragon claw elements. The lines on the side roof slide down from the D-pillar, with some sliding back style. The length, width and height are 4705 / 1890 / 1680 mm, and the wheelbase is 2765 mm. The tail adopts the through tail lamp shape. The interior of the tail lamp is led light source, and there are specifications on both sides of the tail Its not a small vent.

The interior adopts a brand-new design style, using soft enamel material, shiny black piano panel, silver metal trim strip and suede with double red line decoration to create a multi-layer suspended interior design.

This is the first time that the Sun Wu + Tan car interior is designed in Sun Wu + Tan and sun tan for the first time.

In terms of power, the fuel version is equipped with the new Xiaoyun 1.5ti engine of Fudi company, and adopts technologies such as dual channel turbocharger, electronically controlled turbine vent valve, and central VVT mechanism. The low-speed torque performance is improved by 36.7%, and the low-speed response is improved by 40%. With the high-speed rolling ratio inlet and 350 bar high-pressure direct injection system, the maximum output power is 136kw, the peak torque is 288n u00b7 m, and the overall thermal efficiency is up to To 38%, matching the new 7-speed wet dual clutch transmission.

Song plusev adopts enclosed grille, and the long and narrow LED light group is connected by a dragonface signature trim strip, with a flat trapezoidal air inlet under it. The through semi enclosed decorative strip increases the texture and recognition of the front. The side of the car is outlined by the waistline of low front and high back, and the lines close to the rear have a strong muscle feeling, and are equipped with sharp multi spoke style The wheel rim and adopt the hidden exhaust design.

The overall layout of the interior center console is T-shaped. The four oval air-conditioning outlets draw lessons from byd-hans latest design. They are equipped with full LCD instrument panel, suspended rotatable central control panel and through atmosphere lamp, which further enhance the sense of technology and luxury in the car.

In terms of power, it is equipped with the third generation permanent magnet synchronous motor and BYD lithium iron phosphate battery, with a maximum power of 135 kW and a range of 505 km.

Song plus is the second heavyweight model of BYD in 2020 after the star model Han. Its arrival makes the Song family matrix more powerful, forms an upward joint force with the family model, and consolidates the Song familys position in the central console of Chinas mainstream family car.

Listing date: within the year

New Baojun rs-7

Key points of new car:

1. Locate the medium-sized SUV. The length, width and height of the whole vehicle are 4930 * 1975 * 1765mm, and the wheelbase is 2900mm, which surpasses the mainstream medium-sized SUVs such as Toyota Highlander.

2. Equipped with new Baojun 24-hour online unbounded intelligent network connection system, with 5g vehicle networking function.

3. There are 6 seats and 7 seats, of which 6 seats are 2 + 2 + 2 and 7 seats are 2 + 2 + 3.

4. Equipped with 1.5T engine, it is matched with CVT stepless transmission.

New car information:

The appearance of the new Baojun rs-7 continues the family design style of the new Baojun, and the front grille of the matrix type star array adopts the fuming treatment. The headlamp adopts split design, and the LED daytime running lamp on the top is slim, and the integrated LED headlamp with high and low light below makes it more energetic.

The body side shape is simple. It is worth mentioning that the rear window area of the new car is larger. This design draws lessons from the style characteristics of MPV, and brings more transparent visual experience for the third row passengers. The long and narrow tail lamp at the rear of the car body gives up the through design and forms a echo with the front headlights. The combination of simple and capable bumper and double exhaust highlights the power sense of the vehicle.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4930 * 1975 * 1765 (1775) mm, and the wheelbase is 2900 mm, which surpasses the wheelbase of many medium-sized SUVs and brings extra large leg space.

The new Baojun rs-7 central console adopts a conjoined double screen design. The interior of the car is covered with a lot of leather. It is equipped with flat bottom multi-functional steering wheel and electronic gear handle, which makes it look fashionable.

In terms of configuration, the new car is equipped with new Baojun 24-hour online unbounded intelligent network connection system, with 5g vehicle networking function, to a more intelligent car experience.

The new Baojun rs-7 will provide two different space combinations of 6 seats and 7 seats. Among them, the 6-seat model adopts 2 + 2 + 2 seat layout, and the 7-seat model adopts 2 + 2 + 3 seat layout to meet the diversified travel scene needs of different users. The two independent seats in the second row of the new car refer to the layout of the first-class cabin of the aircraft to provide passengers with a comfortable ride experience beyond the level, which is quite like a senior MPV.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 130kW and a maximum torque of 290n u00b7 M. the transmission system is matched with CVT stepless transmission, and the comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 km is 8.7l.

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