Why is it necessary to have a sense of crisis in Chinas grain production? Experts tell you why

 Why is it necessary to have a sense of crisis in Chinas grain production? Experts tell you why

Why stop food waste

According to the statistics of the food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, about one third of the worlds food is consumed and wasted every year, with a total amount of about 1.3 billion tons per year.

This year, general secretary Xi Jinping talked about food security many times and was very concerned about food security. For the important instructions to stop the waste of food and beverage, experts said that it is very timely to prepare for a rainy day. To maintain social stability and normal economic development, we should pay close attention to food security.

According to a recent report released by the food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and other organizations, at least 820 million of the worlds 7.633 billion people are facing hunger, equivalent to one in nine people in the world. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the impact of drought, flood, locusts and new crown pneumonia this year.

Ensuring food security is an eternal topic. China has always regarded solving the problem of peoples food as the primary task of governing the country. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China has set up a new food security concept of ensuring basic self-sufficiency of grain and absolute safety of ration, and established a national food security strategy of taking ourselves as the main task, basing ourselves on China, ensuring production capacity, moderately importing, and scientific and technological support. It has always adhered to the road of food safety with Chinese characteristics, which is to ensure that the rice bowl of the Chinese people should be firmly held in their own hands at any time. On.

How to stop food waste

The root lies in the positive guidance of moral legislation

In the instruction, the general secretary proposed to strengthen legislation, strengthen supervision, take effective measures, establish a long-term mechanism, and resolutely stop the waste of food and beverage.

In this regard, Chen Junshi believes that the waste of dining tables is now available in some countries in the world, and whether it is for families or work units, China has no national data in this regard. The most fundamental cause of food waste is still a cognitive problem. To stop food waste is not like sorting garbage and banning smoking in public places. There is no set of rules and regulations. On the whole, people dont realize that waste is a kind of pressure.

When will it become a social action

Strengthening propaganda and education to create a frugal social atmosphere

In his instructions, Xi Jinping stressed that we should further strengthen publicity and education, effectively cultivate savings habits, and create an atmosphere of wasteful and economical savings in the whole society.

Since the eighteen Partys Congress, all localities and departments have implemented the spirit of Xi Jinpings important instructions, adopted relevant documents and launched CD-ROM actions to vigorously punish wasteful winds. The phenomenon of waste on the tongue has changed, especially the publics waste behavior of public funds and restaurants, which is strongly reflected by the masses, has been effectively curbed.

As for how to create an atmosphere, constantly cultivate healthy and rational eating habits, cultivate modern table civilization, treat every meal well and treat every grain of grain seriously, experts believe that at present, there is still a lack of relevant culture in our society, especially in education and publicity, we should further establish the concept of thrift and diligence.

In the view of academician Chen Junshi, education must keep up with the times, strengthen school planning education under the guidance of the government, and carry out science popularization and education in a wider range. Rules and regulations should also be kept up with. Professor Zhu Lijia said that the luxury consumption advocated by Internet media and commercial advertisements should be strictly restricted. We should increase publicity and education, start with cultivating consumption environment, and truly form a frugal social atmosphere and atmosphere.