Womans ear examined by doctor molested by doctor touching lower body cousin beat doctor arrested

 Womans ear examined by doctor molested by doctor touching lower body cousin beat doctor arrested

After hearing this, he beat the doctor,

As a result, he was charged with intentional injury,

Put yourself in court!

However, the courts decision was unexpected

At about 19:00 on October 18, 2018, Zhao accompanied his girlfriend to the health center to get rabies vaccine. After coming out of the infusion room, he met his aunt Yang and his cousin Zhou.

Yang because of his daughter Zhou dizziness, with her in the hospital. At that time, Deng was on duty in the hospital. After asking about Zhous condition, Deng said that he would do further examination. When Yang left to register, Deng brought Zhou into a room for inspection and locked the door.

After registering, Yang wanted to open the room, but found the door was locked. At this time, the doctor told her that it would be ready soon. So she waited outside the door and chatted with her nephew Zhao and her girlfriend.

Hearing Dengs words, Zhou immediately exposed his lies. Originally, after entering the examination room, Deng locked the door and asked her to take off her clothes. The doctor touched her upper body. Later, Deng proposed to check the lymph nodes in the lower part of the body and asked her to take off her pants. She was very afraid at that time, so she took off her pants. Deng touched her lower body without gloves. Later, Deng stressed that she was not allowed to talk about the inspection.

Hearing his daughter say so, Yang was furious and asked Deng: why do you want to check your ears?

Zhao scolded him as not a human being and unfit to be a doctor. He kicked him in the abdomen and then punched him four times on the head.

Zhan, head of the finance section of the hospital, said that the hospital requires women to have gynecological or private parts examined with the consent of the party concerned and accompanied by a third party or nurses, doctors and family members. Dengs inspection of Zhou on the same day was not a third party present, in violation of the regulations.

On October 19, 2018, Deng was detained by Zhuji Public Security Bureau for being suspected of compulsory indecency.

Later, Deng was sentenced to one year and three months in prison for the crime of compulsory indecency against women.

Zhao kicked Dengs chest and abdomen with his feet and hit his head and face with his fist for several times, resulting in Dengs head, face, chest and abdomen, fracture of the left eighth and ninth anterior rib, and multiple soft tissue contusion.

According to the appraisal of Shaoxing public security judicial appraisal center, Dengs degree of injury was grade II.

The peoples Procuratorate of Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province, held that Zhao Mou Jun intentionally injured another persons body, causing slight injury to one person. The facts of the crime are clear and the evidence is sufficient. Therefore, he should be investigated for criminal responsibility for the crime of intentional injury. He filed a lawsuit with the peoples Court of Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province, proposing that the defendant Zhao Zhaojun be exempted from criminal punishment.

The court of first instance held that the public prosecution organs proposal of Exempting the defendant from criminal punishment was not suitable for the crime committed by the defendant Zhao, so it was not adopted. Zhao was sentenced to criminal detention for five months and suspended for ten months for the crime of intentional injury.

Zhao Zhaojun refused to accept the judgment of the first instance and appealed to Shaoxing intermediate peoples court to change the judgment of the second instance and exempt him from criminal punishment.

Shaoxing intermediate peoples court held that Zhaos intentional injury to another persons body and slight injury to one person constituted the crime of intentional injury. The original judgment has clear facts, sufficient evidence, correct conviction, reasonable compensation and legal trial procedure.

However, the cause of the case is that Deng forced indecent women, the first fault, Zhao out of righteous anger, emotional anger out of control, the implementation of injury behavior; after the case, Zhao took the initiative to call the police, and then voluntarily confessed to the police station after the police telephone notification, truthfully confessed his beating behavior, which constituted surrender; Zhao signed a confession of guilty and punishment, voluntarily confessed his guilt and punishment; his attitude of compensation was positive He voluntarily paid 100000 yuan compensation in advance; the circumstances of the crime were minor; Zhao was exempted from criminal punishment, and the original judgment of sentencing was improper, so the sentence should be changed.

To sum up, Shaoxing intermediate peoples court made a judgment: Zhao Zhaojun, the appellant, committed the crime of intentional injury and was exempted from criminal punishment.

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Modern Express News (correspondent Chen Bo, Ge Xiaolin) recently, a man and a woman Zhang went to Changzhou on business. They had too much to drink at night. Zheng took Zhang drunk and hugged Zhang in the public washroom of the hotel and took off his pantyhose. The hotel staff immediately called the police. At present, Zheng is on bail for being suspected of compulsory indecency.

The suspect is under police control

The reporter of Modern Express learned from Beigang police station in Zhonglou District, Changzhou city that Zheng and Zhang were colleagues of a group company, and they were matched by brother and sister in private. Due to work needs, they were sent to Changzhou on business in late July. On the evening of July 25, the two met to have a dinner in a hotel in the west of the city, during which they drank a lot of yellow rice wine. Zhang was out of control after being drunk and cried bitterly, and Zheng comforted him. Later, Zhang vomited and soiled his clothes. Zheng helped Zhang to the public washroom for cleaning.

According to the police, in the bathroom, Zhang fell down and got vomit all over her body. When Zheng helped her clean, she took off her pantyhose and hugged her. After being rejected by the other party, Zheng still embraces it. Seeing this, the staff of the hotel immediately called the police for fear of an accident.

u25b3 pantyhose for female colleagues

After receiving the police, the police of Beigang police station took Zheng to the police station for interrogation. Zhang was sent back to the hotel for rest due to drunkenness.

On the morning of July 26, Zhang woke up and vaguely remembered the night before. He suspected that he had been sexually assaulted and called the police.

The police of the Criminal Police Brigade of the bell tower Public Security Bureau carried out the investigation, investigated the public video and scene personnel of the hotel, and identified the clothes and other materials of Zheng and Zhang, thus eliminating the possibility of sexual assault.

At present, Zheng is on bail for being suspected of compulsory indecency.

(the characters in the article are pseudonyms)

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