The goddess of wealth spent 7.1 million on luxurious houses and 140000 beds only for excellent students

 The goddess of wealth spent 7.1 million on luxurious houses and 140000 beds only for excellent students

Speaking of Wang Yuxin, many netizens may not be familiar with her. Her biggest name is goddess of wealth. At the age of 37, her fortune has reached hundreds of millions. Moreover, she had experienced the tragic experience of family bankruptcy and tens of millions of debts before, but because of her unique vision, she reversed the situation against the wind.

When Wang Yuxin was 18 years old, his family went bankrupt and owed tens of millions of debts. Since he was 19 years old, he had five jobs to study, including cutting guava, carrying dishes, delivering newspapers, distributing leaflets, accompanying reading, selling clothes, selling breakfast, etc., and had done more than 20 jobs. Later, she realized that only her own boss could develop, so she opened her own breakfast shop and made her first million. After that, she devoted herself to real estate. During the peak period, she had more than 20 houses in her hand. At the age of 30, she was worth more than 100 million yuan. She was a proper and inspirational woman.

Not long ago, the program team of perfect research room visited Wang Yuxins mansion in Taipei. The mansion, with a total area of 220 square meters, is a duplex building. It is said that the price exceeds 100 million Taiwan dollars (about 24 million), and the decoration cost is 30 million Taiwan dollars (about 7.1 million).

After entering the door, you can see that the overall space is still very open. There are large-area glass windows on both sides of the living room, and the leather sofa looks very high-grade. In the program, Wang also gave Chen Siya, the programs supporter, a recent album of his own.

And a lot of things in Wangs family are calculated in NT $1 million (about 240000 yuan). For example, home chandeliers, customized piano, 100 inch TV, LV crocodile leather bag, Cartier ring and so on.

Of course, not every student can stay in such a luxurious room. Only those students with a daily income of NT $1 million (about 240000 RMB) can make an appointment in advance. Wang said that at present, she has taught a total of 10 students have lived.

And in order to cultivate their two childrens financial concept, Wang Yuxin also put a punch in the home. If children go to bed and get up on time, they can get the corresponding amount of pocket money: they can get 50 Taiwan dollars (about 12 yuan) if they go to bed at 9 oclock every night, and 10 Taiwan dollars (about 2.4 yuan) will be deducted 10 minutes later. In addition, she also made a special game rules at home, how to do things can make money, how to do things will deduct money, is also very serious.

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