Foreign media: the most advanced anti tank missile of the peoples Liberation Army appears in Tibet, threatening the enemy greatly

 Foreign media: the most advanced anti tank missile of the peoples Liberation Army appears in Tibet, threatening the enemy greatly

[logistics is combat effectiveness! Since the beginning of summer, there have been continuous heavy rainfall in Nyingchi area of Tibet, and the road leading to Motuo has been in a semi interrupted state due to the influence of mudslides, landslides and landslides. Recently, the Tibet Military Region organized land and air forces to transport supplies to Motuo border control posts by relay transportation, so as to solve the living security problems of officers and soldiers.

According to an article published on the Forbes website on August 10, 2020, us analysts pointed out that the number of Chinese fighters deployed in the border area between China and India has doubled.

According to the US Air Forces China Academy of Aeronautics and Astronautics (CASI), as of July 28, 2020, China has deployed 36 aircraft and helicopters at Hotan Air Force Base in Xinjiang, which is close to the so-called Ladakh region in Northeast India. Among the 36 aircraft and helicopters, 24 are J-11 or j-16 flanking fighters. In addition, there are six J-8 fighters, two y-8g transport aircraft, two aerial police-500 airborne early warning aircraft, two Mi-17 helicopters and several rainbow-4 attack / reconnaissance UAVs.

[several J-11 / 16 fighters are deployed at Hotan base in Xinjiang

According to the article, in June 2020, the Chinese peoples Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) deployed only 12 flanking series fighters at Hotan base, without support aircraft. It is said that the CASI estimate is based on open source images from the European Space Agency sentinel 2 earth observation satellite.

Rod Lee, CASIs director of research, points out that the images show at least some flight activity, so the planes are not just there for display.

However, Chinas air force deployment in the so-called Ladakh area along the Sino Indian border appears to be defensive in order to gain air supremacy, to protect Chinese ground forces from Indian aircraft attacks, to carry out reconnaissance missions and to prevent Indian aircraft from approaching for reconnaissance. Although Chinese fighters can attack Indian airports to suppress Indias air force, the composition of the PLA Air Force does not seem to be targeting Indian forces, supply lines and infrastructure.

In fact, China strongly opposes the deployment of too many planes in the so-called Ladakh region, which will inevitably stimulate India to increase reinforcements and risk war that neither country wants. In June, Chinese and Indian troops clashed in the disputed galwan River Valley.

[rainbow-4 UAV has been deployed to the Sino Indian border

Both Chinese and Indian aircraft can fly from airports outside the region to the so-called Ladakh region, but India has an advantage in this regard, the article said. The closest Chinese military bases to the disputed border are Kashgar, 560 kilometers northwest of Ladakh, and arikunsha, 305 kilometers southeast of the so-called Ladakh. The apron space of these two locations is smaller than that of Hotan, which can only support the operation of a small number of aircraft. Chinas Xinjiang and Tibet have bigger air bases, but they are 960 kilometers away.

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A voice came from the border between China and India. The Indian army suddenly sent out a strong signal. The Chinese side has already made it clear

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