High school teachers and girls in Jiangsu Province are transferred from teaching posts

 High school teachers and girls in Jiangsu Province are transferred from teaching posts

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Yangzi Evening News website, August 12 -- on August 11 and 12, Ziniu news and Yangzi Evening News successively reported that Zhenjiang men had sent out indecent videos of their female friends and voluntarily surrendered after making a stir. Over the past two days, Zhenjiang indecent video continued to ferment. Today (December 12), Zhenjiang Experimental Senior High School, the school where Kanghua, a Zhenjiang teacher, is the male owner of the indecent video, issued the preliminary investigation and handling notice on the Internet dissemination of the indecent video of Kanghua teachers. According to the reporter, the school has transferred Kanghua teacher from the teaching front line immediately and ordered him to make a profound inspection..

Follow up of Zhenjiang indecent video: teacher Kang Hua was immediately transferred from the teaching front line post (source: original)

Bulletin said: Recently, our school about Kang Hua teacher indecent video spread in the network, causing bad impact. According to the preliminary investigation, this indecent video was uploaded to wechat circle by others and then widely spread. Kang Hua, the party concerned, reported the case to Jinshan police station of Runzhou branch of Zhenjiang Public Security Bureau in the morning of August 10, and the Public Security Department filed a case for investigation and issued a police Information Circular on August 11. According to the circular, 25-year-old pan has turned himself in, admitting that he found that there was an indecent video of the woman and others in her mobile phone, and released the video to wechat group out of anger, causing netizens to forward it.. At present, the police are further investigating.

After the incident, the school attached great importance to it. Under the supervision and guidance of the discipline inspection and supervision group of Zhenjiang Education Bureau, the personnel department and Audit Department of Zhenjiang Education Bureau, the school conducted an investigation and understanding at the first time.

Zhenjiang Education Bureau and the school believe that the teachers indecent video shooting is of low taste, against the social order and good customs, against the teachers ethics, and seriously damage the image of teachers. The Party committee and the presidents office of the University promptly held a special meeting and made a preliminary decision after study

1. Mr. Kang Hua was immediately transferred from the teaching front line and ordered to make a deep inspection;

At the end of the circular, Zhenjiang Education Bureau and schools attach great importance to the construction of teachers ethics and conduct, and adhere to the zero tolerance attitude towards the violation of teachers ethics and conduct. Once verified, they will resolutely deal with it and never tolerate it.

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A high school teacher and a young girl in Jiangsu Province

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Zhenjiang No.1 high school teachers indecent video streaming out, Education Bureau: it has nothing to do with teachers ethics and style (source: original)

Recently, some netizens reported on Weibo that there was an indecent video of a high school teacher and a young girl in Zhenjiang. Some netizens said that the male protagonist in the video is suspected to be Kang, a senior high school teacher in Zhenjiang. The girl is a girl student who is more than 20 years younger than him. Because the girls boyfriend found an indecent video in his mobile phone, he became angry and sent it to the group.. On the 11th, a staff member of the personnel department of Zhenjiang Municipal Education Bureau told the surging news that the girl in question had graduated from the indecent video, which had nothing to do with the ethics and style of the teachers involved. After graduation. Said the staff member.

Suspected private video of high school teachers and students spread on the Internet, the publisher has committed, Zhenjiang police are investigating

After the Internet spread, some parents questioned, how can such a teacher still teach in school? Two net friends said that the girl had a normal relationship after graduation. In the class group, the mother of the suspected girl said: dear students, as the mother of the video victim, my heart aches to drip blood. Now my daughter cant study and live normally. Some people have repeatedly forwarded it, which has a great impact.

On the afternoon of August 11, Runzhou public security branch of Zhenjiang Public Security Bureau issued a police notice saying that the video publisher had voluntarily surrendered to the crime and the police are investigating.