Japanese beauty marries Arabian, raising cats and camels in the desert of 50000 Ping

 Japanese beauty marries Arabian, raising cats and camels in the desert of 50000 Ping

More than 20 years ago, when she went to study in the United States, she met her Arab boyfriend. After studying abroad, meinaizi returned to work in Japan, while her boyfriend continued to study in the United States. They experienced a period of exotic love. More than 10 years ago, Menezo finally married her boyfriend and came to Arabia to live in the desert.

Menezos home in Arabia is as big as 1.5 Tokyo Dome (the building area of Tokyo Dome is about 47000 square meters), and there are not many neighbors around. However, the couple will not feel lonely because of this. They have cats, rabbits and pigeons at home. There are dogs, horses and antelopes in the vast courtyard, and cattle and camels are raised in the animal cabin next door.

Menezis home is an ordinary two story building, based on white and earth colors, decorated with other colors.

At a glance, the past is pure white, marble wall tiles, a kind of natural primitive and cordial feeling.

The interior fabrics, carpets, glass crafts and woodwork are all in Arabic style.

No Arabic interior can be separated from blankets and pillows. This fabric is a combination of classical patterns and rich colors.

In the living room, animals, human, plant abstract painting and other decorative elements, to create a free, relaxed, pure atmosphere. My husband, who is fond of handwork, has made many small animal models, which are lifelike.

Menezo and her husband first raised two cats and rabbits at home. Unknowingly, some abandoned stray cats are used to visiting the house, and even dont go at all. Even if they are rounded up, they regard Menezos home as their own. Because of their large courtyard, then all visitors are guests, and the couple also prepared a single cat apartment for them.

When the temperature drops, meow people also like to play and sleep in the desert.

They are very loving. Many of the animals in our family are picked up. Once the couple found a baby antelope with spinal cord injury outside. The veterinarian thought that the baby antelope had been fractured, so he suggested euthanasia. After a long period of treatment and care, she can walk on her own.

Later, when the couple were walking outside, they saw two weak and helpless little milk dogs, so they took them home to adopt them and built a pool for them to play with.

After a new dog member was added to the family, an injured pigeon flew by accident. After treatment, the pigeon did not go, so he stayed at home and grew very strong.

For this reason, the couple fenced in a backyard the size of a Tokyo Dome, allowing the animals to play freely and avoid disturbing the outside.

Different animals get along well. Eat together, grow up together. Camels and cats are greasy and crooked.

Menezo recorded her daily life in the book one by one. Maybe she did not expect that she could have such a vivid experience when she was married in a foreign country.

Its a wonderful life to live in harmony with small animals!

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