What did they do? Xi Jinping commended the signing of the chairmans decree

 What did they do? Xi Jinping commended the signing of the chairmans decree

Zhong Nanshan has been committed to the research, prevention and treatment of major respiratory infectious diseases and chronic respiratory diseases for a long time. After the novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia, he dared to speak up and put forward the phenomenon of human transmission, emphasizing strict prevention and control, leading the new crown pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan, making outstanding contributions to epidemic prevention and control, severe treatment and scientific research. It has won the first prize of the national science and Technology Progress Award and the title of national advanced worker and reform pioneer.

Zhang Dingyu has been working in the medical front line for a long time. He has led a team to Wenchuan earthquake relief and participated in international medical assistance for many times. In December 29, 2019, after novel coronavirus pneumonia was first admitted to 7 unidentified pneumonia patients, he immediately set up isolation ward, took the lead in collecting samples, carried out virus detection, and mobilized body donation, which won time for confirming the new crown virus and created conditions for the pathological study of new crown pneumonia. As a novel coronavirus pneumonia, he took the lead in the charge and led the cadres and workers of the hospital to cure more than 2800 new crown pneumonia patients, making a significant contribution to winning the battle of Hubei and defending Wuhan. The title of novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control advanced worker is awarded.

Chen Wei has been committed to the research on biological hazard prevention and control for a long time, and has developed the first biological drug recombinant human interferon u03c9 in our army and the first Ebola vaccine with new drug certificate in the world. After the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, she rushed to Wuhan to carry out scientific research and prevention and control guidance tasks, and made significant achievements in basic research, vaccine and protective drug research and development, which made a significant contribution to the prevention and control of epidemic. He was awarded the title of advanced individual for SARS prevention and control in the whole army and Top Ten Outstanding Youth in China.

Advocating heroes can produce heroes, and striving to be heroes can bring forth heroes in large numbers. The purpose of praising them is to carry forward their lofty qualities.

In September 29, 2019, at the ceremony of the National Medal and the national honorary designation, Xi Jinping gave a vivid interpretation of the three noble qualities of hero models.

u2014u2014Loyalty means that the heroes and models are committed to the cause of the party and the people, persevere in the ideals and beliefs of serving the people as a whole, stick to the original mission of seeking happiness for the Chinese people and rejuvenating the Chinese nation, and compose a moving heroic song with their lifelong efforts.

u2014u2014Persistence means that the heroic models have been fighting hard in the places where the party and the people need most. They have been working hard for decades. They are unswerving in their dedication to the country and the people. They are unrepentant in their adherence to the cause. They have never changed their pure heart in fighting for national rejuvenation.

u2014u2014Simplicity means that heroes and models all work selflessly and selflessly in their ordinary jobs, regardless of personal gains and losses, and give up their small families to take care of everyone. Success does not necessarily depend on me, and success must have my lofty spirit. Many of them are typical examples of anonymous burying celebrities and doing earth shaking things, showing a great state of selflessness.

Through the joint efforts of the whole country, China has made significant strategic achievements in epidemic prevention and control, and is in the forefront of the world in terms of epidemic prevention and control and economic recovery. This is the work of tens of thousands of heroic models and the masses.