Trump: the shooting may have nothing to do with me

 Trump: the shooting may have nothing to do with me

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, August 11 (reporter Bao Xuelin) - US President Donald Trump suddenly left the press briefing room when he was holding a briefing on the new crown epidemic at the White House on the 10th. The briefing meeting held there was interrupted for a time. Trump returned a few minutes later, saying the shooting near the White House was under control..

Leave briefly

Just minutes after the outbreak briefing in the White House press room that afternoon, trump was suddenly escorted away by an agent in black, without explaining why.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven mnuchin and White House director of administration and budget, Lars Watt, were also escorted away by staff, Reuters reported.

The door of the press briefing room was locked and a large number of journalists were locked in the room.

A few minutes later, trump returned to the scene of the outbreak briefing, saying that there was a shooting near the White House and that law enforcement officers opened fire on a suspect with a weapon, who was taken to the hospital and no one else was injured.

Trump said agents escorted him back to the Oval Office. The White House was cordoned off immediately after the shooting.

Media reporters asked trump if he was shocked by the incident, and he replied, I dont know. I look scared The world has always been a dangerous place. Its not something unique.

Trump then praised the secret services handling of the incident and praised the staff as excellent and excellent people. With the secret service, I feel very safe, he said, and if necessary, some very good people will be ready for action.

On July 30, President trump held a press conference at the White House in Washington. Xinhua News Agency / FA Xin

command a situation

According to trump, the shooting outside the White House was under control.. Due to the relative distance from the White House, the shooting did not cause any damage.

AFP reported that the situation outside the White House was calm, only a part of the nearby streets were blocked, and some police and government vehicles gathered at the corner of 17th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue.

A protester, who has been demonstrating outside the White House for a long time, said he heard gunshots at about 5:50 p.m., followed by screams. Its a mans voice Then 89 men ran over and pointed their AR-15 at him

The District of Columbia Fire Department said the suspect was seriously injured and could be in critical condition.

Law enforcement officials are confirming the suspects motives and investigating whether he has mental illness. Trump said at the briefing that the shooting may have nothing to do with him.