Global deep observation endlessly, American politicians concoct new anti China Taiwan version

 Global deep observation endlessly, American politicians concoct new anti China Taiwan version

The so-called clean network plan is an extension of the 5g clean path initiative announced by pompeio at the end of April.

On the second day of the announcement of new measures by President Trump, President TikTok signed an administrative decree tiktok, calling the overseas version of WeChat and WeChat a threat to national security in the United States. It will prohibit any transaction or any transaction with the TikTok parent company in the 45 days after any company or individual being subject to judicial jurisdiction by the United States or engage in transactions with WeChat and its subsidiaries.

Clean network claims to protect the privacy of American citizens and the business sensitive information of American enterprises, but its essence is to suppress Chinese technology enterprises.

In the five specific contents of the clean network program published on the website of the State Department of the United States, the peoples Republic of China (PRC) appears very frequently.

American media have seen this clearly. According to an article published by the intercept survey news website, there is a new vision behind the so-called clean network of the US State Department, which is to weaponize technology and create an Internet without China.

When some US media reported on the clean network plan, they pointed out that it was a plan for China.

Teng Jianqun, director of the American Institute of the Chinese Academy of international studies, believes that the United States launched the so-called clean network program out of strategic, political and commercial interests.

Teng Jianqun: the first aspect of the U.S. crackdown on Chinas information technology companies is still the issue of strategic commanding heights. From the perspective of controlling the world, the United States must occupy such a commanding height; the second aspect is that American politicians, for their own political needs, use the so-called privacy and network security to scare their own people and allies In this way, people can dance with these politicians, and some American allies can join the ranks of the United States in cracking down on Chinese high-tech companies. The third aspect is for commercial interests, because Facebook is really losing in front of Chinas new media software tiktok, and the market economy must be based on the principle of fairness. But at present, the United States does not talk about the principle of fair competition in the commercial market.

However, the American politicians who have been making the so-called clean network for national security have deliberately concealed the fact that it is the United States itself that is really eavesdropping on the world and monitoring other countriesu2014u2014

According to the latest disclosure of the Wall Street Journal, a small US company with ties to the US defense and intelligence community has implanted its software into more than 500 mobile applications, enabling it to track the location data of hundreds of millions of users around the world.

In recent years, the Internet theft scandal in the United States has long been known to the world: the backstage of high-threat organizations such as formula and Sorens eye is the United States; the initiator of the prism gate event that caused a great stir in the world is the United States; it is the United States that often launches cyber war and hacker war against other countries

Wang Wenbin: many Chinese enterprises that have been unilaterally sanctioned by the United States are innocent, and their technologies and products are also safe. There has never been a network security incident similar to the Snowden incident and Wikileaks, nor has there been a network monitoring and monitoring behavior similar to prism gate , equation group , Echelon system . Its ridiculous that the United States itself is covered with dirt and talking about cleaning the Internet.