The Secretary of a municipal Party committee in Hubei Province called off the TV to ask about politics on the way, and presided over the extra time to ask questions!

 The Secretary of a municipal Party committee in Hubei Province called off the TV to ask about politics on the way, and presided over the extra time to ask questions!

During the process of political consultation, Sha Yushan, the Secretary of the municipal Party committee, who had been watching from the audience, couldnt sit still. Some of the people on the stage are teachers of Taijiquan and masters of volleyball. On the way, he called a halt and acted as the host. He said frankly that some people avoided the heavy and the light. He asked for more time and more food to be asked about politics, to trace back to the source, to ensure that political inquiry is not a mere formality, and urged to face up to the problems and be brave after knowing the shame.

There are three rounds of inquiry and administration

The first round exposed the Dongcheng sub district office to ask for Nantai village Party branch secretary Liu Wufu, taking advantage of his position to illegally build houses.

In the face of the problem, the main person in charge of Dongcheng office, the leaders in charge, and the person in charge of the three violations rectification office and the land and Land Office responded respectively, but some of them were evasive.

After the two rounds of political consultation, problems such as the late arrival and early departure of window staff, the cumbersome handling of housing rental certificate and the delay in the construction of Feiyang Huafu primary school were exposed.

Officials from the natural resources and Planning Bureau, the administrative services and big data administration bureau, and the development and Reform Bureau were also invited to participate in the political affairs on the stage.

After being stopped, all the staff watched the first round of secret interview video again. Sha Yushan asked the relevant person in charge of Dongcheng office: who approved the house? How to rectify? How to deal with the responsible person? People on the stage were on pins and needles, admitting their mistakes one by one and giving promises.

On other issues, Sha Yushan questioned the heads of relevant departments one by one.

Lichuan Bureau of housing and urban rural development promised that after the completion of land listing and other preconditions, the construction permit will be completed within one day to ensure the commencement of construction

Lichuan Education Bureau promises to ensure the opening of Feiyang Huafu primary school in autumn of 2021

Relevant municipal leaders promised to complete the reform of five reductions and one door, one window, one network and one time for more than 1400 government services and convenience matters by September 30; strengthen management training and improve service level

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Shayushan requires:

Lichuan Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision should strengthen the follow-up and effectiveness, ensure the comprehensive rectification and breakthrough of political problems, and resolutely deal with violations of laws and disciplines; all levels and departments of Lichuan City should adhere to the principle of cutting edge inward and self revolution, promote the optimization of business environment by stormy weather, grasp top leaders, and do real work to promote the fundamental transformation of business environment in the whole city.