Forbes announced Chinas best CEO in 2020 Ding Lei has been rated for four consecutive years

 Forbes announced Chinas best CEO in 2020 Ding Lei has been rated for four consecutive years

Ding Lei, the CEO of Netease, which has been listed for four consecutive years since 2017, is a typical representative. Since he started his business in 1997, Ding Lei has led Netease to create a number of landmark Internet products, including Chinas first Chinese free e-mail product, the first large-scale online game independently developed, and one of Chinas earliest portals. In the new era of the Internet, with insight into the needs of users, Ding Lei led Netease to focus on high-quality digital content, actively layout online education, music, e-commerce and other fields, creating high-quality services and products such as Netease cloud music and Netease Youdao, providing high-quality content and innovative services for more than 800 million users.

Ding Lei, CEO of Netease, has been awarded Forbes Chinas best CEO for four consecutive years

At the same time, Neteases performance in the capital market is also commendable. In the past 20 years, Neteases share price has continued to rise more than 100 times, with an average return on investment of more than 25.5%, and its performance has continued to lead the Internet industry. In 2017, Ding Lei was named Asias best CEO by international authoritative financial magazine institutional investors, and Netease was named Asias most respected enterprise. In June 2020, Netease was listed in Hong Kong for the second time. During the public offering period, Netease was greatly oversubscribed. On the first day of listing, it rose by 5.7%, becoming one of the most popular technology companies in the capital market.

It has been 15 years since the list was founded in 2005. The average age of the 50 CEOs listed this year is 54 years old, and the average market value of management companies is 365.4 billion yuan. There are four female CEOs. There are 10 companies headquartered in Shenzhen, far higher than those in Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou.