Mothers quiet, uncle and mother Zhou Dongyu, dont create gender stereotypes!

 Mothers quiet, uncle and mother Zhou Dongyu, dont create gender stereotypes!

Zhang Yuqi asked her if she felt that she had become gentle.

Tranquility said that she had become a mother and that she could not easily shed tears.

The subtitle changed mother in mother to warm and gentle

During the broadcast, the program team replaced the word mother and changed the subtitle to gentle.

Why should we change it? Because of the wrong words.

We talk about mother, maternal love and motherhood, but we wont say that a woman is a mother and a man is a man. This is a curse.

Even if tranquility is self mockery, it is not appropriate to speak in public.

After all, as a public speech, there is always the problem of how to guide the audience in terms of perception.

In the online survey, we also felt that the description of mother was very harsh.

You cant use vulgarity as pleasure

Some people say mother is the dialect of quiet hometown.

However, Guizhous little friends said that the local use of the word mother to satirize the feminine boy, good mother and mother Xi Xi are disgusting.

In addition, serenity mentioned several times in the interview that she was very affectable and disgusting when she got up.

Therefore, the word mother should not be regarded as a commendatory meaning in a quiet context.

Whats more, serenity said, the sisters dance very mother, and they have to dance more male to break through.

What she meant, I understand, was to seek differentiation.

But must we use the word mother?

If serenity says sou2014u2014

My sisters are charming in dancing. I want to dance more forcefully so that everyone can see me.

And before that, she said sister Lang made herself a mother..

I used to be a tough woman, but I became soft after I took part in this program.

Is it more appropriate?

Why do we have to say mother?

Is it not self-conscious sexism to describe soft sensibility as mother and repeatedly contradict very mother?

Sister Lang not only changed the quiet subtitles, but also Shen Mengchens.

Shen Mengchen make complaints about Lee Staness not eating meat and drinking.

When quiet said with a bitter smile that she had become a mother, Shen Mengchen said, sister Jing, you cant be a mother again, but Li stani.

Yuyan elder sister said, do not eat meat, do not drink with Niang have half dime relation?

In addition, Shen Mengchen still make complaints about micro-blog on micro-blog.

I really dont know what this girl thinks. As a public figure, she will come with her mouth open. Dont you think about it first?

These words with gender stereotypes should not be used in public places. Whats more, they represent the elder sisters to break the prejudice of age. Whether they are 30, 40 or 50, they can ride the wind and wave to be beautiful.

How come age prejudice has just been broken and gender stereotype has become again, which is not in line with the purpose of the program?

The mother is inferior, the master is superior?

Yu Yan feels that the current atmosphere is strange.

Niang = inferior, ye = senior.

Since Mr. Fan has made a way, female stars have been rushing to rely on Ye, Shu, Ge and attack, and male address is not enough.

Its as if our feminine quality is something low-grade, and the masculine line can make us better ourselves.

Yu Yans sister also felt strange and incomprehensible.

Is this the progress of women or the dwarfing of women?

Zhou Dongyu experienced several polar shooting in little pursuit of the ball.

At that time, she called out: Im too Niang, Im sorry.

Yuyan elder sister said, novice has no experience, whats the relationship with Niang?

If you dont do it well, why do you describe it like this? Why do you associate weakness with Niang?

On the micro blog of Zhou Dongyus studio, one mouthful of Uncle Dong can fly up;

He also said that Zhou Dongyus character in life is careless and has a boys temperament.

What do you mean by the title?

Interestingly, Zhou Dongyu is the spokesman of Weimi in Greater China.

Her slogan is: break the traditional sense of sexuality, feel the diversity of sexy charm.

It means that sexy cant be breast augmentation, buttocks and long legs. Sexy girls can be small and weird.

Since we recognize the diversity of womens quality, why should we make Niang = weak and Uncle = cheerful, and create the dualism of gender?

As a woman, do you look down on your gender?

Meng Meiqi is speechless.

Talking about how to get along with the rocket girl group, Meng Meiqi saidu2014u2014

We think that there will be intrigues between girls, and there will be discord and so on. But really, dont they know were eleven boys?

I dont know how many thunder I stepped on.

Sister Yuyan doesnt give Meng Meiqi a big hat. In fact, I like this girl very much, but I really look down on her gender.

And Vance, too.

Huang Xiaoming asked her why there were so many actors supporting her on Weibo. Wanxi replied that maybe she was like a boy.

Sister Yuyan thought for a long time, but she couldnt understand the logical relationship of the head here.

Why cool girls are just like boys, girls can be cool too;

Whats more, men appreciate cool girls not because girls are like boys.

Zhou Dongyu said that his personality is like a boy, girls will want to marry, Wanxi said that her personality like a boy, the actor to support.

Being like a boy is the king? Like a girl is very mother in tranquility?

The question is, is there a clear distinction between the sexes?

Men must be open and generous, good at holding a group? Women must be reserved, stingy and fussy?

Isnt this gender stereotype?

Why man is commendatory, why Niang gun is derogatory?

Male feminization = self indulgence? Female masculinity = self reliance?

Even the girls themselves are unconsciously belittling women, proud of the establishment of various Ye, Shu and Ge.

Whats up?

Gender images dont need to be fixed

Since women themselves are reluctant to Niang Qi, public opinion on Niang gun men is even more vicious.

Wu Qingfeng has repeatedly said that he refuses to be called Sister Feng, which Xiao s has to call him at the Golden Melody Awards.

The image of both sexes does not need to be fixed, and the feminine male should not be the laughing point.

Later, Xiao s and CAI Kangyong Po Wen apologized.

Wu Qingfeng said in a long article:

Its OK to joke with friends in private, but in public, such expression may cause bad influence. Please avoid making fun of others with gender temperament.

On the issue of Niang being stigmatized, Wu Qingfeng has a paragraph that is particularly goodu2014u2014

I dont mind being called my mother, but I dont quite understand it. I dont understand why, Niang will become a negative word. What about women?

However, there are still public figures who do the opposite.

Wu Jing, in promoting the war wolf series, repeatedly expressed the hope that China would have more men and less female guns.

He said that once he met several Niang cannons on the road. When he was in a bad mood and drank some wine, he yelled at the boys - get out of here!

Then, Wu Jing kneaded his voice and imitated the other partys response: Oh, how can this be so?

Later, Hua Shao asked if Wu Jings son grew up to be a Niang gun?

Wu Jing replied in a second: big mouth slaps him.

According to the rules of their family, the boy must learn martial arts after he is 6 years old.

Hua Shaos question is not appropriate, and Wu Jings answer is even more uncomfortable.

It is suggested that Wu Jing watch the movie dancing out of my world. He looks like the father of the little boy inside.

In dancing out of my world, the father told his son to learn boxing, but his son was learning ballet secretly. The father was very angry when he learned his sons behavior

What is the definition of Niang?

Weakness, affectation, affectation, grinding

However, these bad behaviors have nothing to do with gender and are not unique to female genes.

On the contrary, brave, independent, positive, conquering These qualities are not exclusive to men.

A while ago, when Laoganma and Tencent were fighting for Wulong, there was a post on Douban that saidu2014u2014

Laoganma called the police directly. Its a very manly thing to do.

Laoganma, its a man. What is it? I watched and laughed - what about IQ?

Men make decisions? Women are hesitant? Its not easy for girls to survive. Do you want to deepen gender prejudice?

Forthrightness and competence are not exclusive to men

When it comes to mother, sister Yuyan remembers a touching always sanitary napkin public service advertisement.

In the film, the director found a few plain girls and boys, let them do such a few actionsu2014u2014

Run like a girl, fight like a girl.

These people then made coy actions, such as running with arms and legs, fighting like cats, shaking hands carelessly, and even performing in a stage of exaggeration.

It is generally accepted that Niang is a kind of derogatory and humiliation.

After that, when it was the turn of several younger girls to play, the painting style changed.

When the director said run like a girl, the little girl reacted like thisu2014u2014

When the director said fight like a girl, the little girl reacted like thisu2014u2014

When the director said, throw like a girl, the little girl reacted like thisu2014u2014

Seeing this, Yu Yans sister is also full of tears.

Girls can be graceful, girls can be hard-blooded, every attitude we have can be like girls, because we are girls.

We dont need to rely on men such as Ye, Shu, Ge, Gongzi and man to flaunt our open-minded temperament, because forthrightness and competence are not exclusive to men.

In an equal and pluralistic society, like agirl or like aboy itself is a pseudo proposition.

No matter men or women, everyone is a unique individual, we should not use a fixed mold to shape men and women.

The variety show sister Lang originally advocated breaking the cognitive framework and advocating diversified tolerance and appreciation. However, sometimes, it was inexplicably felt that the guests were not friendly to women, although all of them were women.

Yuyan said that both men and women should get rid of the bad habits of being disgusted with women, male chauvinism and gender stereotypes.

Today, No.1 finance and economics published an article by Liu Yu, a famous writer, that the world is short of gentle and determined people.

Both men and women, we want to make ourselves better and the world a better place.

Whats more, if the agency of the artists can straighten out the human setup, and do not eat the dividends of womens rights and spread male chauvinism in disguise.


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