After five months of love, Feng Zishan has been living in a dark room since her marriage. What has she experienced?

 After five months of love, Feng Zishan has been living in a dark room since her marriage. What has she experienced?

He doesnt mean he cant afford it, but he doesnt buy it. Nowadays, there is no saying that he cant afford to buy a house. However, he just says that the house is a place to sleep. The key is that all the money is used for investment, food and drink.

So now I see that other colleagues with the same conditions as me live in a new house ready for marriage. Their children play and live in high-end communities, while my children grow up in a dark room. I feel sorry for them and feel sorry for them.

But I cant be the owner of my husband. He has the right to decide on this kind of purchase. I dont know how long I have to stay in this dark room, and I dont know when he will buy a house.

I am a passive acceptance of the people, passive acceptance of this can not meet the basic material needs of the bitter, left my husband I still can not afford to buy a house alone, so I am almost depressed.

I feel that living in such a dark room is a kind of torture every day, but I cant see any hope. I dont know when I can move out. I regret that I didnt talk about the house well before marriage. Now I feel so miserable. I blame myself and regret. How can I get out of this pain?

Can only wait until the day of house change? Before this, should I live in regret so painfully? But I dont know when this kind of man who doesnt take the house seriously will change his room. Is there any other way to let go?

Cold love reply:

No one can light a woman in a dark room unless she lights a lamp for herself.

After reading this story, I have the following observations and Reflections:

First, only those who live in the present can be happy.

People who live in the past will always regret it.

Instead of regretting that she didnt think about the house before getting married a thousand or ten thousand times, she should pay attention to how to change her life now, or how to accept her life.

At the same time, people who live in the future will be very anxious.

The hostess said, I dont know when I can move out. Can I wait until I change my house? Before that, would I have to live in regret so painfully?

Its another experience of not living in the moment.

Therefore, I emphasize again: only by focusing on this moment can life be happy.

Second, its only you, not others, who can really change your life.

In this story, if a woman wants to change her life, she either develops her own ability to buy a house, or she finds a man who is willing to go with her to buy a new house.

However, she did not blame her husband, she pitied her children, but she did not attribute the reason to herself and did not want to make real changes in the past.

Change, the most important point is to find the reason from yourself.

For example, whats the reason for marrying a son?

What is the reason for the incessant quarrel before marriage and the lack of communication between the house and the family?

Dont you want to get married at that time?

Therefore, if the female owner can not see her own reasons, she can not make any new changes.

Third, comparison is painful.

The hostess has a paragraph that makes me deeply touched. She said: the children of my colleagues play in the high-end community, while my children grow up in the dark room..

When I read this, I realized that comparison is an important source of our pain.

But sometimes, we only see the brilliance of others, but we dont think of what they have paid for this brilliance.

At the same time, we only compare ourselves with those who are better off than ourselves.

Even more profoundly, is it really just about caring about your children?

So, is it possible to make another reflection on this level?

Of course, all of the above are in response to the questions raised by the hostess.

I said so much, not to say that this man has no problem, this man has his values, whether this value is approved by everyone, different people must have their own ideas.

Some people will say, its too stingy to change a house after making so much money..

This mans choice is not the value that the woman wants.

This is something that has been made clear from the beginning to the end.

If the female owner doesnt want such a person, she can not choose. But the key is that with such a choice, we still focus on how others do. We have no way to get rid of this difficulty and pain in our life.

Only when we look inward and see what changes we are likely to make in our lives, can we have a happy life.

Otherwise, if you stay in the dark room day after day, you cant go out of this room without looking inside to find your heart and really light a lamp for yourself?

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