What do chickens think of people?

 What do chickens think of people?

Appendix 1:

In order to pursue the taste of chicken, human beings have been crazy!

American secondlivestock company specially designed a VR glasses for chickens. They let chickens wear these glasses from birth, so that chickens can live in a fictitious world. It is said that this can make chicken more delicious

Appendix 2:

When I was a child, I raised a chicken, which was delicious every day. I fed it to a big rooster. The most intimate time with me was when I came home from primary school and found my mother cooked soup. Then it was in my stomach.

Appendix 3:

I remember one year, the chickens in the village never laid eggs, and the villagers reported to the village head. The village head said that the chicken also needs praise, so that it can actively lay eggs. Therefore, the village head used the loudspeaker broadcast to shout: chicken, you are too beautiful.

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