Recitation: the fate of the earth, either practice, or look down on

 Recitation: the fate of the earth, either practice, or look down on

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A leaf of duckweed returns to the sea, where life does not meet.

Life is a tree with blooming flowers. It is more beautiful than knowing, and drunk than feeling warm. It is not the only life, but the necessity of life. It is the meaning of life to accept the world, so we also desert in the time of life.

The relationship between life and years is a kind of practice in the course of life. If life is just like the first sight of the amazing, is a song from the end is scattered light. Amazing, is the realm of the dust; light, is the beauty of the dust.

Life is the most comfortable is the dust, the most helpless life is also the dust. The dust edge is like the time of the four seasons, holding the prosperous hand, lifting the eyes Fangfei do. Life can be crossed to read, but can not be met. We practice in the limited world.

Meeting is fate, staying together is fate. Parting is fate, giving up is fate. Edge to edge, edge to scatter, to understand the true view of life. The value of life is to know each other, and life is to keep each other. Knowing each other is the beauty of life, and keeping each other is the flourishing of life.

Dust is the bright flower in life, no matter can be like haze or floating faint fragrance, it is the form of life. In the world of vast sky and far away, we hold the cup and drink the world like the flow of time. In the colorful red world inn, we can see the flourishing fireworks and taste the confusion and happiness all over the world.

Life, all the time with the dust encounter; life, every second with the dust shoulder. The relationship between life and years is the temperature and strength interwoven with life and years, as well as the content and form of life and the world of mortals. Easy to come, easy to go, no matter what you meet, no matter who you meet, it must be arranged in your life.

Life is always changing. And people, destined to be in the crisscross of the world, either aesthetically meet, or look down on a wave.

The relationship between dust and rain is more like a curtain of cloud and rain. It is like the quiet beauty of the winding water cup and the light step of the yellow trees; it is like the pure feeling of the moon cage and the soft yarn of the tobacco desert river; it is like the love of the car is like the running water, the horse is like the dragon, the flower moon is the spring breeze.

When we meet the universe, we know the world, meet life, and know the truth of life. People are like this, always with their own taste, with the soul to feel the mysteries and sacredness of the world, with emotion to compose the rhythm and rhythm of life.

If you dont go through the cold, you cant get the plum blossom fragrance. Dust is the pure flowing in the blood, is the instinct engraved in the bones. It is the love of relatives, the love of friends, and a cup of light years that seems to be dominated and can not be controlled.

Heaven and earth have thought without right or wrong, do not make the earth negative sun and moon. It is the practice of life, whether it is good or bad, it is experience; it is the meaning of life, whether it is deep or shallow, is expectation.

If the dust is as gorgeous as summer flowers, we can be intoxicated in its hospitality, if the red dust is the quiet beauty of the fallen leaves, we do not need to care about its sadness.

Edge to edge to edge such as water, all things flow East do not return. Life is love, do not make do with, do not force. Worldly fate is to read, either practice or look down on.