Serving more than half of China capital companies: how tiger securities ESOP leads equity incentive

 Serving more than half of China capital companies: how tiger securities ESOP leads equity incentive

Since this year, the ESOP business of tiger securities has continued to make great progress. According to the statistics from Bloomberg, from the beginning of the year to the end of July, a total of 16 Chinese enterprises went to the United States for listing. Among them, 9 enterprises selected the ESOP services of tiger securities, including eggshell apartment, litchi, huise holding, jinshanyun, youkelian, soundnet, ideal automobile, etc., accounting for 56.25%. According to the relevant person in charge of the ESOP of tiger securities, at present, there are many companies in the process of signing contracts, and the market share of ESOP of tiger securities is far ahead of the general group of American stocks.

Intelligent service customers take the lead in the market share and lead the whole industry

For a long time, the traditional ESOP management service provider has high cost, low service efficiency, aging system, and it is difficult to develop customized functions, which can not meet the core needs of current new economy enterprises and employees. Tiger securities tigeresop management system for traditional service providers to innovate, harvest a large number of customers.

ESOP is not a simple commercial, legal or tax issue. Tiger securities ESOP service has an ESOP management platform and can provide comprehensive solutions to help enterprises realize equity incentive plan step by step from scratch. Tiger securities related responsible person introduction.

Since the beginning of this year, nine of the 16 companies listed in the United States have chosen the ESOP system of tiger securities. In terms of user experience, data security and professional services, tiger securities ESOP has obvious advantages.

Take Jinshan cloud, which landed on NASDAQ in May this year, as an example, one of the reasons why the company finally chose tiger securities ESOP was its complete professional services. According to the person in charge of ESOP of tiger securities, the service scope of ESOP service providers before Jinshan cloud was relatively narrow, which not only could not provide professional trading services, but also the service chain of tax, foreign exchange and other services of Listed Companies in the United States was also very weak.

As a listed company in the United States, Jinshan cloud has high requirements for a complete set of US stock services. The advantage of tiger securities is that it is more efficient than traditional service providers and more professional and operational capabilities than emerging service providers. Whats more, tiger securities has not only accumulated resources for many years of U.S. stock service, but also experienced a complete process of IPO in the United States and the implementation of ESOP. It has a clear understanding of the pain points of China capital.

After intensive communication between the two sides, the ESOP team of tiger securities has developed a complete set of service packages for Jinshan cloud from IPO to window opening, involving foreign exchange, finance and taxation, planning management, professional trading and other aspects, fully meeting the needs of customers.

In addition to Jinshan cloud, another star enterprise that recently landed in the US stock market also approved the ESOP service of tiger securities.

As the time for the company to pass the hearing is quite short, if it wants to open the relevant authority to the employees on the IPO day, it means that tiger securities has only one week to complete the platform construction.

In order to enable its executives and employees to deeply understand the relevant knowledge and system operation process of ESOP, tiger securities specially produced training videos for it. In addition, in order to ensure the accuracy of data entry, tiger ESOP team will verify the accuracy of the award agreement on site to ensure that the data information is absolutely correct. In this week, tiger securities responded quickly to complete the single sign on can directly view Holdings function.

This series of efforts make the ESOP platform of the star enterprise go online as scheduled and use normally.

As one of the investors of tiger securities, Xiaomi group also chose the ESOP service of tiger securities. After comparing a number of suppliers, Xiaomi group selected tiger securities ESOP service from the aspects of account structure, customized development service ability, system security and other aspects.

According to the person in charge of ESOP of tiger securities, the HR and technical team of Xiaomi group and the service team of tiger ESOP have established a project team. They hold weekly meetings to communicate and assist in the development of customized functions from the perspective of implementation and management. At present, more than 200 function points have been developed for Xiaomi group.

In addition to professional services, tiger ESOPs excellent user experience and leading security are also well-known in the industry.

To be specific, a leading K-12 online education group in China has a large number of employees and strong demand for ESOP. Before contacting the ESOP platform of tiger securities, the HR Department of the group has been using Excel to manage the option data of all employees.

However, the inefficiency of using Excel tables to manage ESOP data is obvious. First of all, because the information of grant date, grant type and exercise date of options held by different employees are often different, so it is not easy to locate and find the option data of an employee quickly by making multiple tables according to the grant date and holding quantity. Whats more troublesome is that HR personnel have to check the EXCEL form from time to time to avoid missing the exercise date of each employee, especially when it covers hundreds or even thousands of employees.

Tiger securities independently developed tigeresop management system is to release the company from offline manual maintenance of Excel forms, realize online full electronic management, and solve the problem of data management simply and efficiently in the form of data visualization.

Compared with other service providers, tiger securities tigeresop management system connects with the company on one side and employees on the other side.

On the side of the company, tigeresop management system can be connected with EHR system to link up pre listing data management and post listing exercise sale transactions. Through the system, managers can carry out grant, ownership, exercise audit and tax management to realize data visualization, improve management efficiency and save costs.

In addition to convenience and efficiency, data security is also a major reason why many listed companies choose tiger ESOP.

For example, Jianan Yunzhi, the first blockchain stock, has been docking with tiger securities brokerage services for a long time. Li shaoke, Secretary of the companys board of directors, said that at that time, a total of four ESOP suppliers were considered, including two domestic and two overseas suppliers. Finally, considering the data security, team response timeliness and other aspects, the ESOP service of tiger securities was selected.

With the extreme user experience, personalized service, excellent data security and years of experience of securities companies, tiger securitiess tiger ESOP has gained more than 70 high-quality customers in less than two years, and has established an excellent reputation in the industry.