Details of interns stealing anesthetic to kill his girlfriend

 Details of interns stealing anesthetic to kill his girlfriend

Can excessive use of narcotic drugs cause death?

The boy involved in the case was a fifth year anesthesiology major of North Sichuan Medical College, who was interned in the Affiliated Hospital of North Sichuan Medical College at the time of the crime. During his internship, the boy rented a room, and his girlfriend was also a anesthesiologist, one level lower than him. Introduction of an insider.

Zhang haopeng, deputy director of Department of Anesthesiology and perioperative medicine, Xijing Hospital, Air Force Military Medical University, also questioned the statement: when colleagues in our department pay attention to this matter, they dont quite understand which kind of narcotic drugs can lead to death.

Zhang haopeng pointed out that the vast majority of narcotic drugs used in hospitals are intravenous injection, and there is no narcotic drug that takes effect. At present, sevoflurane is the only inhalation anesthetic in narcotic drugs. When sevoflurane is used, it is necessary to blow the drug into the anesthesia device through the evaporation tank or evaporator through the professional equipment, and then insert the drug into the mouth of the patient through the professional pipeline for inhalation.

Zhang haopeng speculated that it was possible for the boy to take the whole bottle of anesthetics, open the bottle cap and inhale directly into the mouth of the bottle, allowing the drug to volatilize and then inhale. But based on our previous medical experience, the possibility of death is very small, because once the drug user feels dizzy, he will not continue to inhale, so the concentration of inhaled anesthetic is difficult to reach the lethal dose. Unless the drug user loses consciousness in a very small and confined space, and the drug continues to volatilize into the air and is inhaled by the user, the probability of death is not high even in this way.

Can medical narcotic drugs be taken home at will?

According to the provisions of measures for the management of narcotic drugs, each narcotic drug trading unit must set up a special warehouse or counter with corresponding storage conditions, and assign full-time personnel to undertake the storage, transportation and supply of narcotic drugs; the medical personnel using narcotic drugs must have professional and technical positions above the doctors level and can correctly use narcotic drugs after assessment; medical units should strengthen the management of narcotic drugs In the management of drugs, it is forbidden to illegally use, store, transfer or borrow narcotic drugs; for those who are directly responsible for making use of convenient work, prescribing non-conforming prescriptions for others, or prescribing for themselves to defraud or abuse narcotic drugs, the unit to which they belong shall give administrative sanctions.

Although there are clear management systems and methods, the outflow of narcotic drugs in hospitals occurs from time to time. In 2019, several anesthesiologists in Shanghai were taken away by the police for investigation because they sold excessive fentanyl drugs to patients.

In 2017, Tang, director of the pharmacy of an Anhui hospital, privately provided the pharmaceutical company with the qualification to purchase controlled drugs, and later conspired with others to sell 510 bottles of codeine oral liquid provided by the company, equivalent to 1.224 grams of heroin. Finally, Tang was sentenced to seven months in prison.

Zhang haopeng said that the relevant management system of some hospitals is not perfect, or there are loopholes in the implementation of management. It is suggested that in case of illegal receiving or using narcotic drugs, the relevant personnel should be strictly punished.

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A medical college in Sichuan Province, male students suspected of stealing narcotic drugs and smoking to their girlfriend to death School: it is true and has been settled through consultation with their family members (source: original)

Event review

A five year old male student of Sichuan North Sichuan Medical College took advantage of the opportunity of hospital practice to steal narcotic drugs from the operating room and give it to his girlfriend, who was also a schoolgirl, and died of excessive smoking. The man involved has been arrested, according to people familiar with the matter.

On August 9, a person in charge of the Propaganda Department of North Sichuan Medical College confirmed to the surging news that there was such a thing. The family and the school have settled the matter through consultation. But the progress of the case investigation is not known by the school at present.

Surging news obtained a previous campus bulletin of North Sichuan Medical College, which said that at about 7:00 on January 1, 2020, Meng XX, a student of class X, grade 2016, from the Department of Anesthesiology, died in unit 2, floor 2, building 11, Faculty dormitory, Shunqing campus, North Sichuan Medical college. The cause of death is under investigation by the public security department.

According to a person familiar with the case, the boy, surnamed Han, was a fifth year anesthesiology major in North Sichuan Medical College. He was interned in the Affiliated Hospital of North Sichuan Medical College at the time of the crime. During his internship, Han rented a house outside. His girlfriend, Meng, was his younger sister, who majored in anesthesiology, one term lower than him.

The incident happened on January 1, when Han stole narcotic drugs from the operating room of the internship hospital and took it back to the rental house for Meng to smoke. Eventually, Meng died of excessive smoking. People familiar with the situation said the two were smoking together. Han used to smoke, but also sent a wechat circle of friends. According to the person familiar with the matter, Han has been expelled from the school and arrested several days ago.

According to public information, the drug involved is a general anesthetic. Some people on the Internet say that taking the drug will give people a feeling of dizziness and slight drunkenness, and also make people feel silly, happy and have double shadow vertigo.

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