The man sold masks falsely, cheated 500000 people, changed hands, and paid more than 300000 yuan to female anchors

 The man sold masks falsely, cheated 500000 people, changed hands, and paid more than 300000 yuan to female anchors

Men cheat in the name of selling masks

Using masks to defraud more than 500000 yuan

In March of this year, Mr. Hou, a citizen of Jingjiang, Taizhou, came to Maqiao police station and reported to the police that he was cheated more than 40000 yuan when buying masks online.

According to the polices inquiry, in February this year, Mr. Hou saw that the epidemic situation was urgent and there was a large demand for masks. He wanted to contribute to the community and hospital and donate a batch of masks. However, at that time, the supply of masks was in short supply, and he did not find the source of supply. Finally, Mr. Hou thought of publishing purchase information in the wechat circle of friends.

Soon, a wechat netizen nicknamed hold contacted him and said he had a supply of masks. Mr. Hou carefully inquired about the brand, model and use of the mask. The other party also quickly sent the manufacturers business license, the masks video pictures, and the relevant information of the product certificate to Mr. Hou. The two soon reached a deal on the business of buying and selling masks. Thinking that the masks could arrive as soon as possible, Mr. Hou did not think much about it, so he transferred more than 45000 yuan of goods to the other partys account, and urged the delivery of goods as soon as possible.

However, a few days later, Mr. Hou still did not receive the mask. When prompted by wechat, the other party refused to accept the mask because of his physical discomfort and being isolated for observation, and the mask was still in production. Seeing the other partys delay in delivery, Mr. Hou felt more and more wrong and asked for a refund. But after only receiving a refund of 5000 yuan, we cant contact each other any more. Mr. Hou found himself in a trap, and quickly came to Maqiao police station to call the police.

The police quickly accepted the case and launched the investigation. Through the call, chat and transaction records of Mr. Hou and the suspect, the real identity of the suspect was quickly determined as a Hubei person.

The police arrested the suspect in Wuhan

In late June, the police chased the suspect Shi online; on August 2, the police found the specific whereabouts of Shi through investigation, and then rushed to Wuhan. At 8 oclock that night, Shi was arrested in an Internet cafe in Wuhan.

After trial, Shi confessed to the fact that he cheated by selling masks. After further investigation, the police found that Mr. Hou was only one of the victims. Shi also cheated six other victims in Henan, Shenzhen and other places, involving a total of more than 520000 yuan.

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Acting as a local tyrant gave more than 300000 gifts to the anchor

Mr. Shi explained that he did not have the source of masks, and the mask information provided to the victims was downloaded from the Internet, and the purpose of publishing false information about selling masks in wechat was to defraud money.

Recently, the suspect Shi was detained by the police. The case is under further investigation.

(photo provided by correspondent)

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