Song xiaonus current husband: love her and choose to accept everything she has

 Song xiaonus current husband: love her and choose to accept everything she has

If you love her, you choose to accept everything.

Back in 1993, Zhang Yuhuan was jailed for injustice in Zhangjia village, Huangling Township, Jinxian County, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. Song xiaonu opened the way for him to appeal. This year, Wu Guosheng, 16 kilometers away from Song xiaonu, went to seek medical treatment for his ex-wife leukemia.

Half a year later, my ex-wife died of illness. It was the lowest point of my life at that time. Wu Guosheng said: at that time, we were looking for a partner, which could not be so selective as now.

The appearance of song xiaonu comforts Wu Guoshengs hurt heart. In the end, he told the reporter that he was in the cruel life with her younger brother. According to song xiaonus recollection, in order to test Wu Guosheng, she chose the most ugly photo for him. I thought at the time that I was looking for someone to live with, not because of my appearance.

To this end, Wu Guosheng also asked his son Xiaohuan for advice and sent photos home. According to Xiaohuans recollection, song xiaonu first went to his home alone, met her grandparents, and then returned to Dongshan. There was no objection from the family, so two families formed together. Three sons, the husband and wife have worked hard to raise. In order to make a living, in the past 21 years, the couple also traveled to Xian, Xuzhou and other places, but failed in business, so they returned to Dongshan, Zhangzhou again, and began to live in the sea again.

In order to accept an interview with the former husband, Zeng offered three conditions to her husband. Last night, song xiaonu confessed that it was unfair to Wu Guosheng, but he could accept it, which showed that he loved me. Wu Guosheng told reporters that in her early years, she was often absent-minded and worried that she would leave him at any time. But I love her, so I choose to accept her everything. Wu Guosheng said that after 1993, the two mens fates had undergone a major turn, and both experienced the lowest ebb and woe of their lives. Our destiny can be said to cherish each other, so we support her silently behind her back and support each other.

Song xiaonu told reporters that at that time, the two were more like a pair of bitter mandarin ducks, walking together, holding each other for warmth. When I was in Jiangxi, I said I should love my husband well. When I come back here (Dongshan), I will love him more and take good care of this family.

9778 days is the number of days Zhang Yuhuan was detained, and also the days of song xiaonu running for him. Therefore, there are media comments on song xiaonu. Although she is called little girl, she is a big woman with love and righteousness! At the same time, the network is accompanied by criticism and discussion of her, and the violence language is tiring song xiaonus existing family.

You see, I now get messages every day about how much money my mother can get, and so on, and there are people who add to me for no reason. Xiaohuan helplessly took the mobile phone to the reporter. Xiaohuan introduced that he also tried to comment on the network, expressing the reality is not what netizens said. It doesnt work. My comments are like a stone thrown into the sea without a ripple. Xiaohuan said. However, he was pleased that the dust had settled down after all kinds of difficulties and difficulties in his family. This is a knot in my mothers heart for 27 years. Now that the knot is opened, she is relieved. Xiaohuan said: we are ordinary people, and we live an ordinary life. The noise of the network, I hope that time can kill everything, we also hope to return to the past peaceful life

Song xiaonu told reporters that she likes the sunset of Dongshan mountain and the afterglow of sunset. She likes to take her grandson, granddaughter and her family to the seaside for blowing and walking on the beach. In my spare time, I order a boiled fish or roast fish with the villagers and live a quiet life. In reply to the reporters information, song xiaonu said thank you for your concern. I want to have a good rest now and I dont want to be disturbed any more.

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After his acquittal, Zhang Yuhuan returned to his hometown, Zhangjia village, Huangling Township, Jinxian County, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. Surrounded by the crowd, ex-wife song xiaonu fainted because she was too excited. She couldnt wait to wait for the hug. The next day, they shook hands. Zhang Yuhuan told Nandu reporter that she did not hold her hand because she was afraid that song Xiaonv would be too excited, so she shook hands like a friend.

In a widely circulated interview, song xiaonu said that Zhang Yuhuan still owes her a hug, which was not for no reason, but from 1993 to 1999. This scene moved many people.

Before that, Zhang last met song xiaonu in 2014, when they formally signed a divorce agreement in prison. In the past, Zhang Yuhuan always felt that song xiaonu was very thin, but now she has become a lot fatter, but she is not healthy and fat. He is also worried about her health. After remarriage and busy with her livelihood, song xiaonu went to prison less often. Zhang Yuhuan told reporters in Nandu that he did not blame song xiaonu, after all, they had been divorced.

I think the future (and song Xiaonv) is a friend relationship. Zhang Yuhuan chuckled and told Nandu reporter that before he was officially released, song xiaonu bought him a mobile phone, a set of clothes to change, toothpaste and toothbrush. Just like when we were husband and wife, its beyond my imagination, and Im deeply in love. Zhang Yuhuan said that he deeply wished her peace and security.