After the crash, it soared! Analyst: gold and bitcoin bull market is just beginning

 After the crash, it soared! Analyst: gold and bitcoin bull market is just beginning

Cudmore points out that a significant change this year is that the market has stopped discussing modern monetary theory, which has been widely put into practice this year. As the size of US debt continues to expand, it is expected that the United States will implement the modern monetary theory to the end, because the United States can use this to drive up inflation and dilute debt.

Cudmore said the long-term trend of investors demand for value storage is just beginning, and the policy door has been opened and will not be closed easily. This is a huge sign of support for gold and bitcoin to continue to rise.

According to Cudmore, there have been some changes in the market this year. After years of heated debate, the once absurd concept of modern monetary theory (MMT) is being quietly adopted with little protest. This means a new market paradigm, ending the default state of positive real yield in the United States.

Accompanied by modern monetary theory is the sharp increase of American deficit. In the coming decades, the United States has three options to deal with the huge debt burden of the government

u2460 Debt default

u2461 Diluting debt through inflation

u2462 Implement enough austerity measures to slow down debt repayment.

Given that the US controls the dollar printing machine, default on debt is politically impracticable and unnecessary. The United States may occasionally implement austerity measures to pay off its debts in the coming decades, but this is also politically unsustainable in the next few years, especially when both parties in the United States show a willingness to significantly increase borrowing.

Cryptocurrency and precious metals are still preferred non negative income assets as the global number of negative income debt rises.

The biggest harm of negative real interest rate is that it will erode the value of fiat money, but not as fast as many people are eager to come to a conclusion. This is an effective tail risk (which has not been precisely identified but is actually there), but it is not the base case, because there are so many structural anti inflation forces, and policymakers have many means to manage the process. More likely, the devaluation of fiat money will occur gradually over the years, which means that the value reserve will remain at a premium.

So the market is looking for an asset that can be used as a store of value.

For most of its history, gold has maintained a premium far beyond any practical use. Even if doomsday forecasters have classified gold as one of the reserves, even if they have not considered the logistics and practicality of gold bars, this seemingly unreasonable idea has given gold a special status as a means of value storage.

Bitcoin has produced similar values. As a viable trading currency, it has a poor structure and no intrinsic value, which makes many people doubt its long-term prospects. However, with the help of network effects, and even with the official confirmation of institutions such as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), which also regards gold as a tradable commodity, cryptocurrency has reached a critical value enough to be regarded as digital gold, thus becoming a popular value store in the next few years.

Although it is not ruled out that there will be a short-term deflationary shock in the financial system that will lead to large-scale adjustment of gold, bitcoin and their substitutes. But we need to know now, and most importantly, that the ultimate policy response will be to inject enough money into the financial system until the real rate of return is negative again, which will only strengthen the long-term potential demand for those perceived as value reserves, but at the expense of the value of fiat money. Source: editor in charge: Yang Bin_ NF4368