High stocks continue to fall, stock index to meet big long legs after the market when to stop falling?

 High stocks continue to fall, stock index to meet big long legs after the market when to stop falling?

Today, the airport shipping plate led the two cities. Todays leading shipping stocks are all first-line aviation stocks, such as China Eastern Airlines, Air China, China Southern Airlines, etc. Western Securities believes that the domestic flight volume of the first-line hub airport in August will basically return to normal level.

Looking ahead, the index bottomed sharply on Friday, while the hotel and catering sector performed strongly. Liu Xiaoyong, an analyst with Shanxi securities, said that the free admission of A-level scenic spots in some provinces, the online launch of xinxinfei products of airlines, the promotion of traditional summer vacation tourism season and the improvement of the largest tourist flow in scenic spots will continue to drive the performance release of relevant scenic spots, hotels and other industries.

It can be found that in the index and emotional downturn period, the tourism sector which is greatly affected by the epidemic situation is going to repair the market.

In the afternoon, the index bottomed out and rebounded. The rebound vanguard was mainly related to the technology sector resonating with the index, especially the miniled plate. Among them, Zhongjun gol shares rose by more than 7%. This can predict a rotation idea in advance, that is, the trend stocks with subsequent adjustment in place will rebound in turn. As long as the fundamentals are excellent, they are the first choice of funds in the rotation market.

Hot stocks

Market sentiment and high-end stocks continued yesterdays ebb, and continued to fall today. Junzheng group as the markets most core stocks, step back on the 10 day line, while the same batch of high-level stocks such as Guangqi technology, Beidou Xingtong and other stocks fell. Today, only Junzheng group closed trading limit, these high-level stocks may have funds to pry open the limit closing. Junzheng group is not on the board, but down, these high-end stocks will eventually go down. For todays Junzheng groups independent rebound trend, temporarily when the high volatility of the market, it is expected not to put too high, tomorrow the stock is expected to make up for the fall.

Asset restructuring stocks Tianshan shares affected by the market ahead of the board, to see the market estimates that institutions sell. After the dragon and tiger list comes out to verify, if it comes true, the premium of the stock tomorrow should not be too high.

5 even board of Shennan shares is the current highest board, the afternoon back seal limit has the suspicion of rubbing index rebound. Tomorrow, the stock is to make up for the fall or weak to strong, the basic open on the decision of life and death.

Aftermarket analysis

Index, due to the late yesterday index diving, as well as high-level stocks ebb period confirmed the beginning of todays index and sentiment continue to bottom inertia. But the index fell more than expected, gem index once fell below 2600 points many times. Although the index broke, but the index began to rebound after hitting a new low in the afternoon. It can be understood that there will be a rebound confirmation opportunity after the first break. As the rebound strength of the expected bottoming is unknown, it is difficult to copy stocks, so it is safe to choose ETF index.

The index is finally recovered from the bottom of the box, but it is difficult to judge how the index will go tomorrow. Because todays extreme killing after the short-term stop falling, todays bottom long may become tomorrows hit short, so we temporarily control the position, as well as fast in and fast out.

How to judge the subsequent index rebound? Here is a brief idea. In this wave of index decline, the biggest adjustment plate is the vaccine based pharmaceutical sector. According to the principle of drop first, play first, if the pharmaceutical sector takes the lead in stabilizing and rebounding, the index is expected to stop falling.

Focus on market news

1. Department of culture and Tourism: the current limit of theatres and other performance places is increased to 50%

On August 12, the market management department of the Ministry of culture and tourism issued the guidelines for epidemic prevention and control measures for the resumption of opening of theatres and other performance venues (the Third Edition). The number of spectators in theatres and other performance venues should not exceed 50% of the seats in the theater. They should sit at intervals to ensure a safe distance. The previous requirement was not to exceed 30% of the seats in the theatre.

2. Shanghai gold and silver exchange: gold and silver prices continue to fluctuate sharply in both directions, prompting investors to do a good job in risk prevention

Source of this article: Yang Bin, editor in charge of CFA_ NF4368