Two cities adjust civil aviation sector take off! Where is the future?

 Two cities adjust civil aviation sector take off! Where is the future?

On August 12, the three major indexes rose and fell in different ways. After the opening, the index went down unilaterally. By midday, the Shanghai index lost 3300 points and the gem index fell nearly 4%. In the afternoon, the index stabilized and rebounded, and the decline narrowed slightly. The Shanghai stock index recovered after losing 3300 points, and the gem fell nearly 2%. From the industry plate, the airport shipping plate bucked the trend and strengthened, Hainan Free Trade Zone, banks and other plates also showed some performance, while gold, military industry, medicine and biology plate weakened.

The total transaction volume of the two cities was 1.08 trillion yuan, and the net outflow of funds from the North was 1.638 billion yuan.

Fund performance

The airport civil aviation sector bucked the market today, with China Eastern Airlines (600115. SH) up more than 7%, Jixiang Airlines (603885. SH), China Southern Airlines (600029. SH) and other stocks followed. Shenwan transportation sector increased by more than 1%, ranking first in the Shenyi class industry growth list. On the news surface, with the improvement of the epidemic situation, the aviation industry is ushering in a recovery. The theme of transportation was mixed, with high-speed rail B (150278. SZ) and infrastructure projects increasing by more than 1%.

In addition, the bank plate was active, with a large area of red stocks in the plate, and Shenwan bank plate increased by 0.61%. Recently, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission released the data of major regulatory indicators of the banking and insurance industry in the second quarter of 2020. The net profit of the banking industry decreased, but the banking sector rose instead of falling in the past two days. In this regard, Pacific Securities believes that the market for the second quarter profit growth decline has been more fully expected. The valuation of the banking sector is at the bottom of history, which has fully reflected the pessimistic expectations, and the downward space is small. Listed banks have strong overall risk resistance ability and stable operation. After the release of pessimism, investment opportunities are highlighted.

Most of the theme funds of exchange banks closed higher, of which bank B share (150292. SZ) and bank B end (150250. SZ) rose by more than 2%.

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Future prospects

A shares recent continuous adjustment, the future market will go?

In this regard, Yang Delong of Qianhai open source Fund believes that judging from the recent market trend, the market has turned to the process of shock, and the possibility of a sharp rise in the market is small, more likely to be a shock rebound.

Agricultural Bank of China Huili Fund said that after the previous unilateral rise, the recent A-share market risk appetite fell. At present, the repair of fundamentals supports the market to enter a wide range of shocks. Investment can be combined with the selected structure of the Chinese newspaper. In the medium and long term, the current market has a high margin of safety, relatively abundant liquidity and strong market allocation opportunities.

In terms of investment strategy, CITIC Prudential Fund believes that short-term valuation differentiation is seriously superimposed on economic recovery, and there are valuation repair opportunities for some undervalued partial cyclical plates with improved prosperity margin, which may lead to the possibility of moderate equilibrium regression of market style. It is suggested that some high valuation consumption positions should be appropriately transferred to some pro cyclical sectors with improved prosperity, focusing on building materials, building materials, etc Chemical industry, electrical equipment, home appliances, automobiles and other sectors.

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Source of this article: Yang Bin, editor in charge of the first finance and Economics_ NF4368