Lan group releases album in 2019, breaking Guinness World Record

 Lan group releases album in 2019, breaking Guinness World Record

Netease Entertainment reported on August 12, according to Japanese media reports, Lan group released its best album 5 u00d7 20 all the best! in June 2019!! 1999-2019 became the best-selling album in 2019, with 3.3 million copies sold, breaking the Guinness world record. The news was announced on the Guinness official website on August 11.

u300a5u00d720AlltheBESTuff01uff01 1999-2019 is Lan Shis best album released ten years ago. It includes 63 singles in total. In addition, there are 64 songs in the 20th anniversary single 5 u00d7 20, more than 3.2 million copies of Taylor Swift love and 2.5 million copies of map of the soul: persona by Korean mens team bulletproof youth group, making it a new Guinness record a creator.

In addition, LAN won the IFPI best album sales award for this album in March this year. LAN announced in January last year that it would stop activities at the end of this year and released commemorative album in June last year. In mid March, the International Federation of Phonographic Industry announced that Lans album sales totaled about 3.3 million.

Breaking the Guinness record, fans are also very excited, many people said: LAN, Congratulations! In an era when records cant be sold, the sales of 3.3 million albums are too great. As a fan, Im very happy. Although there is not much time left, please pay attention to your health and continue to refuel! Lan really good fierce, new song the summer absolutely love, to tell the truth or cant believe to stop activities. I was shocked to see the news. I didnt expect that the sales volume was so high that it was actually the first in the world. Great! I heard about 20 years of history on the record, from the teenagers who couldnt see the future clearly at first, to the delicate emotions of adolescence, and then to the maturity and strength of adults. Its really interesting to walk through different times with you! wait.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Jiaxin_ NBJS11395