The man prepares the wedding ceremony, discovers unexpectedly that his girlfriend has a 13-year-old daughter! What makes him more broken is

 The man prepares the wedding ceremony, discovers unexpectedly that his girlfriend has a 13-year-old daughter! What makes him more broken is

Recently, it was discovered by accident

Secret of girlfriend

Mr. Guo cant stand it

Break up

But the cost of love

Mr. Guo thinks the woman should give it back to him

Making friends in entertainment places

I often take men home

Ms. Xu, 31, from Hubei Province, works in entertainment facilities in Hangzhou. The relationship between the two sides developed rapidly. They soon lived together and met their parents. Mr. Guo has already prepared for the wedding, but Ms. Xus words have poured cold water on him.

Mr. Guo

Shes divorced and has a 13-year-old daughter, and she didnt tell me anything about her daughter in our previous relationship.

Mr. Guo felt cheated and the relationship between the two sides cooled down. Ms. Xu also moved out of Mr. Guos residence. Mr. Guo couldnt bear it, and soon they got back together and lived together again.

However, Mr. Guo said one thing happened after the reunion that made him want to end the relationship completely. He found that Ms. Xu was carrying him home with other men, and more than one.

Mr. Guo

She admitted, and she told me very clearly that she didnt just bring one. It happens all the time. I also had a drink, and I was very uncomfortable.

Mr. Guo felt that this was an unforgivable betrayal, and the relationship between the two people was completely ended.

How to calculate it

Although the relationship is over, Mr. Guo feels that they still have a financial account to settle. Mr. Guo calculated that Ms. Xu owed him 27000 yuan, and he wanted to get the money back.

At the scene, the reporter called Ms. Xu, but couldnt get through. According to Mr. Guo, the reporter found Ms. Xus sisters home. Only Ms. Xus mother was at home, but she was not willing to open the door.

During the interview, Ms. Xus sister rushed over and said that she could respond for her sister.

Two people talk about friends together, you use money, I also use money, that is not a sum of money to calculate clearly? Do you think its clear? Then my sister said that she bought 3000 clothes for him and two or three thousand for his moving house. Is it necessary to make all of them?

Ms Xus sister said she could not reach her at the moment. The emotional dispute between my sister and Mr. Guo is their business. She does not comment. If Mr. Guo wants money, they can only offer 5000 yuan, otherwise they suggest going to the court.

Hearing such a response, Mr. Guo was excited and said that he could not accept it. Ms. Xus sister called the police on the spot. The police of Hangzhou triumphant police station in the jurisdiction rushed over and said that they could help both sides to mediate. In this regard, Ms. Xus sister will convey the situation to her sister.

After the lovers break up, the money exchanges during the love period, whether they can get back, often cause controversy. Lawyers say it depends on the nature of the money, whether it is a loan or a gift.

Zhao Gongming, lawyer of Zhejiang haihao law firm

If it is some integer property, and the money has the corresponding chat record to prove that it is a loan relationship, then it can be regarded as a loan relationship. However, if there is no corresponding evidence, the money is a special date and a special amount, which is likely to be recognized as a gift between lovers.

The reporter also checked Mr. Guos transfer records. Most of them are integer funds, such as 1000, 5000 and 10000, and most of them are not on special dates such as 520. Mr. Guo said that next, he is willing to accept police mediation with Ms. Xu. If the mediation fails, he will collect evidence and resolve the matter through legal means.

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