A new crown patient diagnosed in February in Hubei Province was isolated again

 A new crown patient diagnosed in February in Hubei Province was isolated again

August 12, 2020

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Why does Fuyang happen? Is Fuyang infectious?

About 5% - 10% of the convalescent patients were positive again

At present, there is no authoritative statistics on the overall recovery probability of Xinguan rehabilitation patients. According to the observation at some isolation points in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, about 5% - 10% of the patients in the rehabilitation period are positive for nucleic acid detection, but so far, no infection has occurred again in the patients who have recovered. Professor Yang zhanqiu, a virologist at Wuhan University, said: this may be due to factors such as test methods, sample taking and other factors (including reagents and operation methods), which may cause false positive or false negative results.

Yang zhanqiu also said that the premise of recovery of Yang is that in the past the test was positive, after treatment or no treatment for a period of time turned negative, after a period of time again positive, can be called recovery of Yang. The infection of new coronavirus is an acute infectious disease, and it is not appropriate to say that it is right to recover Yang. If it is a few months or more after the test positive, can be called Fuyang.

Some coronaviruses may also be carried in the human body, especially in the gut for a long time

A domestic immunology expert told reporters that from the nature of coronavirus itself, some coronaviruses may also be carried in the human body, especially in the gut for a long time. For example, the electron microscopic observation of enterocoronavirus in feces of people in southern India shows that some people can continuously excrete coronavirus particles.

However, most of the coronavirus particles in these human feces are empty viral coat proteins without nucleic acid, that is, they have no infectivity. In theory, these empty viral coat proteins may make normal people have immunity to coronavirus after being ingested by normal people, which may also be a kind of natural vaccine for local people to establish group immunity against coronavirus infection.

Above: human enterocoronavirus in human feces: intact coronavirus on the left and empty virus particles on the right

Infection symptoms may reappear if immunity is reduced

After excluding the cause of detection, the recovery of Yang, especially the patients with fever and other infection symptoms, need to consider from the perspective of the patients own immunity and virus latency. Because the novel coronavirus infection treatment did not have specific antiviral drugs, the patient recovered completely and cleared the pathogen by his own immunity. But from the current situation, there are no immune indicators such as antibody titer and the number of immune cells in the discharge standard and recovery standard.

Illness comes like a mountain, and goes away like a thread. After infection with novel coronavirus pneumonia, the bodys immune function may produce serious functional disorder. Some patients are temporarily suppressed by the immune system when they are discharged from the hospital, but they are not detected in some tissues or cells. However, if the patients are not fully cultivated and recovered after discharge, the immune system function will decline again, especially in the elderly and frail patients or patients who use glucocorticoids. At this time, the latent coronavirus may be reinfected, resulting in recovery of Yang Or reinfection, and in this case, the virus is at risk of reinfection and transmission.

In short, experts believe that in any case, the new coronavirus pneumonia patients with recovery of Yang and reinfection should be paid attention to, but there is no need to panic, we can consider strengthening immunology research on the basis of patients, to achieve the immunological rehabilitation of patients as the goal, to adopt a centralized convalescent rehabilitation system, to achieve the comprehensive rehabilitation of patients and social strict control and management of infectious sources Reaching the standard.

For the rehabilitation of novel coronavirus pneumonia, we can learn from the treatment and rehabilitation mode of tuberculosis, and concentrate on sanatorium rehabilitation after discharge. It can not only restore immune function, but also help manage patients and reduce the risk of re transmission. In the convalescent stage, we can use immunomodulators and strengthen nutritional support for patients. When their immune indexes completely return to normal, their body really returns to normal, and then they are discharged home. According to the observation of academician Tong Xiaolins team, after continuing to take traditional Chinese medicine during the rehabilitation period, the probability of recovering Yang can be reduced to about 2.5%.

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