New character shinny rap skr

 New character shinny rap skr

Netease Entertainment reported on August 12 that the animated film magic hair Genie 2 jointly created by universal pictures and DreamWorks Animation Company will be officially released in China on August 21. Todays film released the little twinkle segment, accompanied by a strong sense of rhythm of hip-hop music, pop elves ushered in a new member of the family - little twinkle.

In the clip released today, the pop music wizard Shin Liang lays an egg from her hair, and the little Shin breaks out of the shell. She sings rap in an exclusive manner. The cool hip-hop and cute appearance bring a complete contrast. This series of magic operations once again show the imagination and hilarious humor of the film. The shining light of new father was voiced by kunnau Naya, who played the off-line funny Dr. Rajesh kuslapari in the big bang. Naya laughs that the funny setting of giving birth to a son who can speak and sing from his hair awakens his inner innocence. For small flash dubbing is Saturday night live ace member Keenan Thompson, his hilarious performance has undoubtedly improved the comedy level of the film.

In order to present a more diverse story, the wizard of magic hair 2 will expand the country where the elves live. In addition to the little twinkle that represents the next generation of pop music elves, elves from more genres and full of personality will also appear in the film. Classic characters such as burby, who is always full of enthusiasm, and bran, who is cautious and sensitive, will collide with new characters with totally different personalities, such as the domineering rock queen and the kind and melancholy country spirit xiguli.

The magic and wonderful music world constructed by the new and old characters makes the audience linger. Roger Ebert, an authoritative film review website, said that the film let audiences of all ages immerse themselves in it and forget the real world temporarily. In addition, various schools of music also convey the profound significance of love & peace.

The animated film magic hair elf 2 will be officially released in China on August 21.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020