Box horse began to sell breakfast, the fastest in the next three years to open 1000 box ponies in Shanghai

 Box horse began to sell breakfast, the fastest in the next three years to open 1000 box ponies in Shanghai

Every reporter Wang Xingping, every editor Wang Lina

After more than a years verification, HEMA began to embark on the road of large-scale operation.

On August 12, HEMAs innovative business form, HEMA, announced the opening of six stores in Shanghai, which are located in guangqicheng and Feizhou international in Xuhui District, Lingkong SOHO in Changning District, Zhonggeng roaming city in Minhang District, near rail City Plaza store in Putuo District and pinzun international.

Daily economic news reporter in the box small horse Guangqi City store to see, the store area is not more than 30 square meters, mainly by the manual counter and pick-up container two parts, manual is mainly responsible for food operation and preparation; there is a self-service take-up cabinet beside, consumers can get the goods they ordered in advance without entering the store, and do not need to queue up in the store to buy. According to HEMA, users can place an order in advance in HEMA app, scan the code to pick up the meal from the cabinet, and complete the whole digital performance within 2 minutes.

Guangqicheng store, Xuhui District, hexiaoma

Photo source: by Wang Xingping

In fact, this is not different from the pickngo convenience store, another innovative business form of HEMA, which was seen by a reporter in Shanghai Gefei center a year ago. In July 2019, pickngo convenience store was launched in Shanghai in the name of HEMAs fifth new format, which attracted a lot of attention. After that, no new stores will be opened in this format.

Until July 14 this year, the official wechat of HEMA bulletin board announced that pickngo, a new breakfast format, was successfully hatched and officially upgraded to box pony.

According to the introduction at that time, the upgraded box pony followed the online and offline integrated design of the new retail core of HEMA, and proposed a new solution for the pain points of no time and less choice in the breakfast scene. In terms of food, box pony provides pancakes and fruits, steamed buns, hand-held cakes, snacks, soybean milk, porridge and other Chinese breakfast, plus a small amount of Western-style bread and coffee, totaling more than 40 kinds.

It is worth noting that the previously known small box horse is a new retail species created by RT mart and HEMA. RT mart is responsible for the supply chain and store operation management. In August 2018, he was also ready to test the franchise mode. Pickngo was previously positioned as a convenience store. At that time, pickngo mainly sold fresh food and fast food.

Today, pickngo is upgraded to a box pony, which can be regarded as a combination of the previous box ponies and pickngo. This approach seems to be similar to the previous upgrade of HEMA station to HEMA Mini.

In the view of industry insiders, whether HEMA merges pickngo or HEMA Mini replaces HEMA station are the phased results of HEMAs entering the catering retail market in recent years to innovate and explore business formats.

At present, plus the previous Gefei center stores, box pony has 7 stores in Shanghai. As for the future store opening plan, HEMA CEO Hou Yi told the daily economic news that by the end of this year, HEMA will open 80 stores along the Shanghai subway station, covering core office buildings, business districts and high-density communities. As soon as possible in the next three years, box pony will open 1000 stores in Shanghai, and the franchise mode will be considered at that time.

Source: Wang Fengzhi, editor in charge of daily economic news_ NT2541