To advise others and things

 To advise others and things

Until I signed the contract, the intermediary brother still told me that we should not mention raising pets.

What do I do if Im found? Intermediary brother said that she would not find out, she would not come, and even if found, you and her relationship, get along well also cant drive you to go.

I think about it. 80 thousand insects are too old to demolish their houses. They dont shout or disturb the people. They just lose their hair. I clean them frequently.

So, after doing a series of psychological construction, I met with the owner and signed the contract and paid the money. Later, when I went to the house to do the handover, the owner repeatedly stressed that she must let me protect her house, especially the living room floor is made of jade, so I must not bump into it. The house has been empty for half a year and has not been rented because I really cant bear to find a clean one She didnt rent the terrace that many pet owners liked before.

After repeatedly telling me to protect the house, the owner left.

But after she left, I began to feel uncomfortable. It was really hard. I felt like a thief. I always thought whether she would come to see her often. Would the neighbors tell her that the property has a good relationship with her? Would you tell her that I can only walk the dog in the middle of the night

Do you know that feeling? Four words are most appropriate to describe, that is, to be guilty of being a thief.

Finally, I still cant help but tell the agent that I dont rent this house. My psychological quality is poor and I cant cheat people. Whats more, I rent this house just for the sake of being happy. Now, Im not happy at all. I live in the house in four words - fear.

I explained this situation with the leader of the intermediary company, and the other party also asked me why I didnt say it when signing the contract with the owner. I said in my heart, why? Its not that you didnt let me say it.

Although he told me to raise them secretly for the sake of achievement, I also accepted his instigation, didnt I? He was also busy looking for a house for me, so there was no need to let him get scolded again. If I was strong enough, I would not make such a black dragon.

As a result, I terminated the contract with the house on the terrace. The landlord said that he would deduct a deposit of 2K yuan, which I can understand. After all, it was my treachery. The agent also felt that he had some problems. He said that if he deducted my money, he would supply me from the intermediary fee.

The last meal was a blind toss and went back to the starting point of looking for a house.

But let me also take a lesson. In fact, this kind of thing does not happen once or twice. I think its nothing at the early stage, and its not very good at the later stage. In the end, breaking the contract and repenting will cause trouble to both parties. It may be the heart of the virgin, or the principle. Its not very clear. Anyway, theres no big thing. But we have to be cautious and calm before doing things.

To tell you the truth, I may not be able to do anything deceiving. As soon as I cheat people, I feel empty in my heart. Sometimes I think that I am really too counselled. I also secretly think that if I do not fall in love after marriage, I may even cheat!

I want to go on looking for a house again. I hope my experience can give you some tips. If you rent a house outside, you must think well. You cant just listen to the intermediary, but also talk to the owner face-to-face. The contract should be good before signing!