Feng Qing and Wang Baoqiang expose family scandal? The truth is that Ma Rongs supporters spread rumors

 Feng Qing and Wang Baoqiang expose family scandal? The truth is that Ma Rongs supporters spread rumors

Compared with Wang Zulan, Wang Baoqiang has a happy marriage and a harmonious family. It has been rumored that Wang Baoqiang and his girlfriend Feng Qing may get married. Although the two did not admit or deny it, many netizens sent their best wishes for Wang Baoqiang to become a family soon.

However, the trees want to be quiet, but the wind does not stop. Rumors about Wang Baoqiang and Feng Qing are still circulating on the Internet. Moreover, some people even set up super words (similar circles) that support Ma Rong, and spread rumors about Wang Baoqiang and Feng Qing. At present, there are 15000 posts, 22.6 million readers and 403 fans.

Recently, some of Ma Rongs staunch supporters (some say they are Ma Rongs best friend, but have not been confirmed), Xiaoxiaos pen openly claimed that Wang Baoqiangs girlfriend Feng Qing had a illegitimate child in Chaohua, and claimed to be inferred from Feng Qings friends V-blog. Xiaoxiaos pen claimed that Feng Qings friend once said a sentence of spicy mother CEO, which made him think that Feng Qing had illegitimate son.

In fact, although the rumor about Feng Qings illegitimate child has not been directly denied and clarified by the party concerned, Feng Qing once publicly named more than ten rumor makers on the social platform, and then all the rumor makers disappeared without a trace, thus the matter was not settled.

However, up to now, some supporters of Ma Rong even openly published rumors about Feng Qing in the support Ma Rongchao speech. This time, they even rumored that Feng Qing and Wang Baoqiangs big brother Wang Jianyong had illegitimate daughter.

The rumor maker is also Ma Rongs famous supporter Kyoto. He has released several photos. One of them is a photo of Feng Qing and a girl. The girl looks similar to the girl in the photo taken with Wang Baoqiang. Therefore, Kyoto infers that Feng Qing has an illegitimate daughter.

Moreover, according to the same dynamic content that Feng Qingzeng and Wang Baoqiangs elder brother Wang Jianyong have posted on a social platform, they infer that Feng Qings illegitimate daughter is Wang Baoqiangs In this way, what these people fabricate is not just simple gossip, but a family scandal about Wang Baoqiang!

In fact, the girl who took the photo with Feng Qing is a manicure worker. After our investigation, this photo has been exposed by the staff as early as 2016, but because the staff member and the girl with Wang Baoqiang look somewhat similar, Ma Rongs supporters wantonly spread rumors.

In addition, there is a refutation that even if Feng Qing is a hot mom CEO, what? Is it not allowed to form a family again when Wang Baoqiang meets after their marriage breaks up? We must label illegitimate children and illegitimate daughters!

Feng Qing and Wang Jianyong released the same content, which can be seen as Feng Qing, Wang Baoqiang, Wang Jianyong and others go out to play together.

In fact, in addition to being rumored about illegitimate child and illegitimate daughter, Feng Qing was also rumored to have four little fresh meat overnight. In fact, it was only Feng Qings normal personal communication.

In addition, Feng Qing was also rumored to have gone to bars abroad in his early years and took photos with foreign men. These photos were taken out and denounced Feng Qing as unruly!

In fact, this is just a glimpse of Feng Qings travel abroad, and these contents were sent by Feng Qings friends. It can be seen that Feng Qing keeps a distance from other people. In addition, if there is a problem with these contents, why do they publish them?

Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rong have been divorced for a long time. It is reported that they have already separated their property. Apart from their children, they have no contact with each other. In fact, Ma Rong has always been disgusted by the fact that some media and social platforms have contacted Wang Baoqiang. Before that, Ma Rong also refuted rumors and counterfeited her account number.

But somehow or for what purpose, these so-called Ma Rong supporters have opened up a circle, uniting people with a common purpose to unite people and spread rumors in it. They even made a rumor about Wang Baoqiangs family scandal, which is really outraged! I hope that Wang Baoqiang or Feng Qing, or even Ma Rong, will take legal measures against these people who make rumors and gain eyeballs!

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After 4 years of divorce, Ma Rong was madly proposed: she was not as simple as you think, with hundreds of millions of property

On Wen / Hui

In 2016, a news account for nearly three months of hot search list time, set off an uproar on the Internet.

Wang Baoqiang issued a divorce statement saying his wife, Ma Rong, had an improper sexual relationship with his agent Song Zhe. He announced his divorce from Ma Rong and fired Song Zhe.

01 mismatched marriage

At the beginning, the marriage of the two people was actually not favored by people.

After all, Ma Rong is the Department flower of Northwest Universitys Broadcasting and hosting department,

At that time, Wang Baoqiang was still the silly root in no thief in the world.

Originally two people who did not intersect, but met in an activity.

In 2007, Wang Baoqiang participated in the variety show very quiet distance. He said that he and Ma Rong fell in love at first sight. When they met, they thought Ma Rong was his other half. Seeing Ma Rong would make him nervous and his heart beat faster.

In 2008, Wang Baoqiang made public his relationship with Ma Rong on the social platform,

In just a year, the two men entered the palace of marriage.

Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rongs son Wang Zihao were born in 2010,

Since then, there has been a lot less and less online about the mismatch between two people.

In 2013, Wang Baoqiang was invited to attend the Cannes Film Festival and walk on the red carpet for his outstanding performance in several films. At that time, Wang Baoqiang was accompanied by Ma Rong.

In fact, the purpose of his doing so is very simple. The first is to let the whole world know that Ma Rong is his wife. The second point is to show his love to Ma Rong.

Even in the middle of the red carpet, Wang Baoqiang knelt on one knee and yelled wife, I love you with the gesture of proposing marriage.

02 Ma Rong gives back to Wang Baoqiang

So how did Ma Rong give back Wang Baoqiang? Lets not say whether Wang Baoqiang was wrong in his marriage.

In the face of media and netizens query, Ma Rong did not stop, but went to Wang Baoqiangs mothers home to make trouble. Later, she hospitalized her mother-in-law and died soon after.

After all the property was transferred by Ma Rong, Wang Baoqiang could only borrow money from Chen Sicheng. It has to be said that Ma Rong is really clever.

Of course, in the end, Song Zhe, the former agent, was jailed and Ma Rong shared the property.

You think its over? No, far from it!

It is reported that Ma Rongs property in the divorce case was worth hundreds of millions of yuan,

One is to satirize Wang Baoqiang for not knowing how to cherish; the other is to keep himself active in front of the public.

Sure enough, Ma Rong released daily short videos on major social platforms, and also sold goods live, which was amazing.

And Ma Rongs daily life is moat to the sky.

The dress costs as much as $1000 on the U.S. official website, and daughter Wang Zishans dress is also a high-end luxury brand.

In fact, as early as the end of June this year, someone filmed Ma Rongs mother and daughter at the airport,

Ma Rong is wearing a watch of 2 million yuan, and the bag of her daughter Prince Shanti also costs 24500 yuan.

And she is far from as simple as you think!

03 Ma Rong gets more than ten male netizens to show love on the Internet

Recently, more than a dozen netizens have shown their love to Ma Rong on the Internet.

And the slogan above is even more surprising.

Ma Rong, I love you. dont judge others easily, because you havent experienced her life. even if you are against the three realms, whats the matter?

Of course, there are also online people who record and open videos every day to express Ma Rongs love,

Its written right below the video,

I want to marry Ma Rong

Why didnt you reply to me all the time?

There are even video proposals:

Ma Rong, Wang Baoqiang doesnt want you, Song Zhe abandons you, dont be sad, at least you still have me. Will you marry me

Its really destroying the three outlooks. How can a person with an incorrect Three Outlooks get so many peoples favor?

Now I think of a word,

curry favour by claptrap.

These people just use Ma Rong to rub the heat and attract fans,

Commonly known as net red.

Anyway, Ma Rongs infidelity in marriage is a matter of fact,

This is a blatant violation of the moral bottom line, OK?

On July 29, a businessman suddenly hung up a billboard,

It says, UNIQLO heroine, Malina Yumiko.

What is the UNIQLO incident? What is UNIQLO heroine?

On July 15, 2015, indecent videos from fitting rooms in UNIQLO, Sanlitun, Beijing, were circulated on the Internet,

According to the features of netizens,

The heroine of this incident is a college student, named Yu Yi, while the hero at that time is her senior student.

You know, in this video, the hero is basically not exposed, but the heroines appearance is very clear.

For a time, it was a big blow to Yu Yi, who was still in school.

However, five years later, she was not ashamed but proud of her high-profile debut,

Even on the poster it says:

Her acting personality is not boastful. With its unique stage charm, her performance brings you not only hot passion and pleasure on the spot.

Can you get a place without shame?

In fact, this is not her first time,

In May last year, the UNIQLO heroine tried to make a debut,

The poster at that time said Yu Yi Xiaoshi Mei,

What if the second time doesnt work as expected?

Is there a third time, a fourth time

This UNIQLO heroine is constantly refreshing the publics awareness,

Its also testing peoples bottom line.

In a sense,

Ma Rong, a netizen who shows her love to Ma Rong, is the heroine of UNIQLO,

Theyre all the same people,

Their three most basic views collapsed, and they didnt even want to face them,

I saw the worst scene of human nature,

So even if it turns out to be an Internet celebrity as you wish,

Im sorry,

We dont look at you,

Do you want to sell the goods live,

Thats the bottom line!

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