Road innovation and China Unicom reach strategic cooperation to develop a new generation of 5g mobile robot

 Road innovation and China Unicom reach strategic cooperation to develop a new generation of 5g mobile robot

According to the content of the agreement, both sides will give full play to their respective technical and resource advantages in industrial mobile robot product research and development, dispatching system and communication system research and development, and project landing cooperation. Moreover, the two sides will maintain an open mechanism for further cooperation in industrial 4.0 system platform, service robot, and special robot product development in the future, so as to complement each others advantages and develop together.

Its a great honor to be able to cooperate with China Unicom Network Research Institute in 5g, intelligent factory, intelligent logistics and other aspects, said Dr. Liu Zhe. At present, as an important scene of intelligent logistics, intelligent warehouse needs the advantages of communication network of operators, which can realize the scheduling and control of automation equipment in the warehouse, realize the cloud warehouse scheduling of one platform for multiple warehouses, and reduce the on-site human operation. 5g intelligent warehouse scheduling platform upgrades the original localized warehouse scheduling management software to cloud control, realizing real multi warehouse linkage and monitoring. According to the network mode of the original mobile robot, the 5g module of Unicom is used for transformation, which greatly reduces the possibility of disconnection and jamming. The data can also be transmitted back to the 5g intelligent warehouse scheduling platform through the 5g low delay network, which solves the pain points of traditional warehouse automation and provides a more flexible solution for customers.

About the innovation of the road

Road innovation is the industrys leading multi scene cluster robot solution provider. Since its establishment, it has deeply cultivated the fields of artificial intelligence, big data, scheduling algorithm, mechanical electronics and other professional technical fields.

Road innovation focuses on Intelligent factory, intelligent warehouse and other scenarios, providing integrated software and hardware solutions. We have independently developed a number of AGV / AMR for different scenarios, and have leading technical advantages in vSLAM visual positioning and navigation, and large-scale cluster hybrid scheduling. At present, it has been widely used in retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, automobile, medicine, shoes and clothing, 3PL and other industries to help customers realize the transformation and upgrading of automation, digitization and intelligence.

About China Unicom Network Research Institute

Established in 2013, China Unicom is a professional research institute of China Unicom. China Unicom Network Research Institute focuses on the key links of network technology evolution, construction, operation and optimization, carries out new technology tracking, standard pre research, verification test, planning preparation, network analysis, network evaluation, etc., to provide overall solutions and comprehensive technical support for China Unicoms network operation and development, and promote the overall competitiveness of China Unicom. National Engineering Laboratory of next generation Internet broadband business application approved by national development and Reform Commission

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