Ready to come back? Luo Zhixiangs video on social platform

 Ready to come back? Luo Zhixiangs video on social platform

Although he didnt appear in public, he would update his news on social platforms. Before that, he showed a photo of the interior of a Rolls Royce luxury car. A pair of sneakers was located in the center C, which was particularly conspicuous. Luo Zhixiang also attached 100 points and two flame icons. It is reported that this pair of joint brand shoes has been fried to 260000 yuan, Jay Chou sun out the same. It seems that Luo Zhixiangs life has not been affected by the breakup with Zhou Yangqing.

Recently, he even shared photos of himself playing golf on the Internet. He also lamented that he could get a lot of understanding and truth in life when playing golf. No matter what the result is, he should be calm, because the next step is facing a new beginning.

Xiao Shuang, Luo Zhixiangs agent, told the media that at present, piggy is working hard to keep fit and at the same time is preparing to enter the catering industry and develop its own brand business. He also selects ingredients, studies tastes, and will launch new restaurants and trendy brands about music and artistic creativity.

A few days ago, Taiwan media met Luo Zhixiang and his friends for dinner. During the interview, Luo Zhixiang said that he had lost 20 jin. But when it comes to the comeback plan, he said in a low-key way: I want to accompany my family first.